Friday, September 10, 2010

Ten on Friday

1. Labor day weekend-I decided it would be fun to run in 5k and 10k in the same weekend. I don't recommend doing this but it workout fine. I just was a little bit sore in the legs. On Saturday, Landon and I ran in the ward 5k together. I'm so proud of my son. He was the youngest kid to run in the 5k and he didn't stop one time. He ran the whole thing.

2. On Monday, Puan and I decided to would be fun to train and run in the 10k together. I was super sore from Saturday's 5k but I managed to push myself. This race was one big GAINT mental game with myself. They decided this year to have us run the course in the opposite directions. The first two miles were uphill. I came in close to my time from last year. I was only five minutes slower this time. The heat is finally gone and I'm finally getting back into running.

3. My knitting projects are coming along nicely. Last night, I screwed up the xmas stocking. Luckily my knitting frined doesn't live to far away. I had the neighbor girl watch the kids while I drove over to her house to fix the problem. Thank goodness for 12 yr old girl that loves to watch my kids for FREE!
4. The past couple of days the heat has left us and we have had lots of showers from the hurricane that came thru the gulf of mexico. The rain is so nice and refreshing after our heat wave that felt like it wasn't going to end.
5. Leroy is sick with another sinus infection.
6. Leah still loves going to Preschool. I just wish she could go everyday.
7. I'm slowly working on making Leah's princess dress.
8. I just finished reading "The Help". If you're looking for a new book to read, this is the one. I loved everything in the book. The book isn't hard to get into, it grabs you right at the beginning.
9. We're headed for a bbq tonight at a friends house.
10. Our last enrichment meeting was a huge success. I was able to take part of the Yoga class. Fun...if you haven't tried Yoga it's so good but hard. You'll be surprised how much you will sweat!