Tuesday, December 17, 2013

18 Months Old

18 months old
* She loves to pretend play-especially when it comes to cleaning. She will take a rag and pretend to be cleaning up the table. She loves to grab a the broom, as well. She will pretend that she's sweeping up the floor.
* Leilani's hair is finally long enough for pig-tails.
* 18-24mths are a little bit too small. She's moving unto size 2t clothes.
* Loves to talk up a storm. She's adding at least one new word each day. Every time, she has a dirty diaper. She will say "yuck" over and over again.
* She now calls her daddy "Da, Da" no longer calling mom and dad...momma.
* She calls her sippy cup a bottle.
* She told Logan last night to "go" away.
* She's still a big time daddy's girl. She can't get enough of him.
* She loves to watch baby cartoon show called "Baby Inspirations".
* She even knows what button to push to turn off and on the tv.
* Leilani will not leave the Christmas tree alone. She's always pulling off the ornaments. She's quite naughty.
* She loves to be a girly girl. She always has a her little girl purse. She always wants her toe nails painted.
* The best part of turning 18 months old is that she's official in nursey. Luckily, she's been part of nursery for the past three months. It's nice to know that she's an official member of nursery.
* When I pull out the camera to take a picture of Leilani. She will give me a big fake cheesy smile. She's such a ham.
* She folds her arms for meal time prayers.
* She doesn't always share very well. She's very possessive of her stuff.
* She loves to show off.
* If I give her a simple command, she will follow it. If I tell her to go get her shoes. She will go get them.
* If she wants to go outside, she will bring me her jacket which means she wants to go outside and play.
* Doesn't really care for snow. She liked to be pulled in a sled but didn't like to touch the snow.
* Can drink from a cup.
* Loves to play in the bathtub.
* Still loves to dance to music.

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Leah turns "7" years old



 My little girl just turned "7" years old. Where did all the time go. She's still very much like a little girl but I'm a little bit worried that she will seen be too old for Barbie dolls and dress up hoo!
I decided to go with a Barbie Themed party. For Halloween, I sewed up matching Barbie Princess costumes so it seemed prefect to go with a Barbie themed party. So, they could wear their dresses again. The girls looked so good! Leah really did feel like a princess at her party.
The cake was a complete disaster. I made the mistake of forgetting to pick up some food coloring at the store. By the time I made it back from Walmart the baby had fallen asleep and I was running out of time. All that I could find was Halloween food coloring dye. Yikes...what to do? So, I decided to make her Barbie into a Christmas theme Barbie cake. The party theme was "pretty in pink" everything was Pink and White. I ran into another problem. I couldn't squeeze the decorating bag hard enough for the star tip. I was at the verge of crying my eyes out. So, one again...I had to use a different tip. The thought the cake turned out horrible. It was so ugly. I had envision something else. Here's the funny part. All of the party guest loved the cake. They were all ohhhh and aweing over it. They couldn't believe a real Barbie doll was used to make the cake. I guess, it doesn't take much to impress a bunch of seven year Oh, when we cut into the cake. I forgot that I used a strawberry cake mix. The girls at the party said the cake looked more like a Green frosting with pink cake did look like a watermelon. Leah thought it would be funny to pull out the Barbie and start licking off the frosting. It was funny but kinda wrong at the same time.
Anyway, back to the party. The party was scheduled for the weekend before but a huge snow/ice storm hit the area the night before her party. I had to reschedule the party. The kids ended up with five snows days. So, the party was rescheduled for the next Friday except Friday morning we had freezing rain and the roads were dangerous slick. I thought for sure that I would have to reschedule her party again. I finally decided in the end, that I was going to have her party whether or not anyone showed up for the party. I really felt like I couldn't focus on Christmas while worrying about the party.
The roads finally did melt. Leah had a big turn out. About eight of her friends from school and church. Her girlfriends made it to the party with no trouble at all. Leah was literally jumping up and down when each of her party guest arrived. She's such a lucky girl.
Anyway, the party was super fun. The girls spent the majority of time...dancing. I have a party cd called "Greg and Steve". I highly recommend this cd. I use it for every class party and birthday party. The music is awesome. It has the freeze dance, limbo, and lots more party songs. Leah and Leilani were holding hands and dancing all over the place. It made for a really special moment for the girls. Towards, the end of the party. Leah and Kailyn decided to put on a dance recital for their friends. The girls had been working on it over the snow days. They put on their pettiskirts and did a whole dance routine for their friends. I thought it was so sweet of them.
I always stick with the same themed party. We placed all of the classic games, musical chairs, pop each other balloons, the limbo, and pass the gift around for a surprise. Why re-invent the wheel, if you have a good party idea. Just keep reusing it. The girls didn't seem to mind at all. It made the whole party so much easier.
Leah really wanted to pain nails as one of the activities. So, I had to paint all 9 girls nails plus the baby is such a girly girl. She loves nail polish. She kept trying to take off with all of the nail polish. I finally had to have Leroy take her away because she was causing so much trouble.
The party was flying by super fast. I made this awesome punch called "Pink Lemonade Punch" it's made with pink lemonade, sherbet, and sprite. So, good! The girls couldn't get enough of it. It's my new favorite punch to serve at a party.
Anyway, back to the party. Time was going by so fast. We hurried up and opened up her presents. Leah loved each and every gift. Her face was completely priceless. She had a big smile on her face. After gifts, the girls went back to dancing but this time with glow-in the dark bracelets. Slowly, one by one the party guest left to go home.
I sewed up party favor bags for the party. The girls were shocked when I told them that they could take the bags home with them. So, it was worth the time and energy to sew them up. I will be making them again for future girl parties.
Overall, the party was huge success. It's really nice to know that my daughter has so many friends. Everyone got along great at the party which is always a plus. Leah really did feel like a Barbie Princess.