Sunday, September 16, 2012


My best friend Veronica had her baby a couple of days ago. She just called me to tell me that she's so upset. She was told that her church would be bringing over meals. Guess what, not a single phone call or a meal has been brought over. She feels like the biggest loser. She told her mom that she wouldn't have to worry about cooking dinner because it supposedly lined up. She feels so unloved by people she thought cared about her. So, her mom is now cooking dinner and plans on making a couple of freezer meals before she leaves on Tuesday to go back to California. She's also planning on buying her a batch of freezer meals from Walmart. I told her that I would bring her a meal when her mom leaves town. Anyways, what a crappy thing to do to someone that just had a c-section and a new baby. I hope, people in the future think a little bit less about themselves and more about others. Argh!!!!

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Just keeping it REAL!

Keeping it real, it's hard work but I'm not going to give up until I lose the last 15 pounds. I started off with over 20 pounds to lose and I'm already down 5 pounds in less than four weeks. Sadly, I gained my weight all over my body. My biggest areas to gain weight was my abs, hips, and my love handles.
I'm working, I couldn't do it without my support of my family and friends. I'm walking two days a week. I'm running two times a week with the help of my friend Eunice, who is the stroller pusher! I'm trying to squeeze in a couple of Turbo Fire workouts. Running is great but I have a tendency to get to condition to it to fast. I have to keep things constantly changing to force my body to lose the weight.
The pictures do not lie...My tummy is hanging out. Gross, hopefully, it will go away with time. My core is already feeling stronger with each workout! The kids are all over the place but I don't care, I just tune them out. Once, the baby is up from her nap. The kids are in charge of baby! It all works out in the end.
Meal Plan:
High protein and Low carb diet
Breakfast: Oatmeal or Egg with Turkey Bacon on Bread round
Post Workout: Nectar protein shake
Lunch: Tuna Fish sandwich with Greek Yogurt plus bread round
Afternoon snack: Pure Protein bar or rice cakes
Dinner: One cup of veggies plus 4-6 oz of meat!
I try really hard not to eat after 7:00pm
I try to drink 8-16 oz of water
It's always important to remember to never compare yourself. No two bodies are the same.
Just do your BEST! 

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

10 on Tuesday

1.  My grandma is going to knit a Christmas stocking for Leilani which I couldn't be more than happy about! One less thing to worry about, I'm slowly starting to work on Christmas.

2.  Logan will be baptized at Christmas, just like his older brother Landon. Logan requested to wait until all of the family could come to his baptism. I don't blame him, it wouldn't be as special without all the family being there for him.

3.  Starting today, I will be watching my neighbors kids from Tue-Friday after school. She has agreed to watch my kids in return for three of those days. So, I wouldn't have to drag the boys to Leah's soccer games and I wouldn't have to drag Logan and Leah to Landon's tennis lessons.

4. Landon will be starting tennis lesson this afternoon. Logan said he wanted to take lessons but he changed his mind. He prefers to be home. The little guy is a home-body! He just likes to run around outside with the neighbor kids and ride his bike around the neighborhood.

5. I'm a little bit worried, that I will forget to get Devin off the special needs bus. I have to get the kids off two separate buses at two separate times. Confusing, I'm really hoping the special needs bus will drop him off in front of my house but we will see what the driver does.

6. Facebook has been crazy lately, you would be shocked if I wrote down all the strange messages I have received the past couple of days: requests for my breast milk, a friend told me that she's being living the gay lifestyle, a friend is separated from her hubby, and so many more things. Wow, I don't know what's going on in the world but it's coming right at me. I'm not sure why everything wants to tell me all about their life problems but it's starting to get a little bit to me. I'm just going to remind myself it's their life not mine. It's easy to get sucked into other peoples drama.

7. My neighbors son will be starting cub scouts tonight, I'm hoping it will work out. Our troop is so unorganized. They just called in new leaders, again. I don't want my neighbor to be like this troop is completely disorganized and not want her son to come again. Praying hard the cub scouts leaders wouldn't let me down.

8.  My best friend is having her baby on Thursday morning, I can't wait to meet him!

9. The baby weight is slowly coming off. I'm working my butt off and I'm on week 4! I'm running three days a week and lifting weights for the other three! I still have 18 pounds to go. I want all the extra pounds to be gone before Christmas break.

10.  Leroy is traveling for work this week. He's currently in Colorado setting up the new data center in Colorado Springs. He should be home by the end of the week.

Monday, September 10, 2012

I'm a helper but I have my limits!

A nice sister from church email me to see if I would donate any of my breast milk which is a little bit on the weird side if you ask me. I haven't even pumped one time with this baby, with Landon I literally had a full freezer of breast milk. So, should I whip out my pump and give her some of my milk or just tell her no! The whole situation is so awkward.

Don't Mess With My Daughter!

Tonight at soccer, Leah little friend told her that she's a loser because she didn't get the ball. Leah look right into her eyes and said "I'm not a LOSER! I made one or two goals already!" I'm proud of my daughter. If that had happened to me, I probably would of been devastated but not my daughter. She knows who she is and doesn't let other people dictate how she feels about herself. She knows that she's AWESOME and wouldn't be brought down by other people's judgements.

Go Leah!

On a side note, she made two soccer goals!

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

End of the Summer

Labor Day: Boating, Kayaking, Tree Swing, Ping Pong, and Yummy Food!
Camp Peterson aka the bishop's home! Just encased you were a little bit confused. No we didn't rent the canoe. Anyways, we invited our neighbors to come join us at the Bishop's house. I know, this is a little bit of a no-no thing to do but I knew they wouldn't mind. Sure enough, Jocelyn didn't mind at all. We literally spent all afternoon at the lake. We didn't plan on staying all day long but it just happened. The kids had so much fun boating and swimming in the lake. The girls are so cute! My neighbor was really surprised how many people her kids knew from school at the party. She decided that she wants to try out cub scouts for her son. I'm still trying to work on it. Too bad, every single person I tried to get in contact with about scouts, couldn't answer any of my questions. It's not a simple situation being that her son has special needs but I wouldn't hate to surprise them. He does really well but he does need some help with some social situation.
I still look really chubby, I really don't like the way I look at the moment. I'm not going to cry about it. I'm working at it. I did managed to lose another pound. I'm now down a total of four bad I still have another 19 pounds to go!
Leroy thought the water was freezing cold, it wasn't cold at all. He such a cry baby...anyways he spent most of his time playing ping pong with the boys. He also spent some time with the kids taking them for a ride in the canoe.
Logan spent the majority of his time kayaking and rope swing. We're thinking about getting the boys their own kayaks. We talked about getting them some last year but it didn't happened. So, we 're leaning towards getting them their kayaks. We will see, how that will pan out.
Leah attempted to kayak by herself but she managed to freak out. So, she's enjoying just being a passenger maybe next year she will be comfortable going by herself. She was happy to be her best friend Kailyn. The girls spent the whole day in the water...most of it just swimming around. Leah kept on splashing everyone...I wasn't too happy about that part but overall a successful day. 
The baby did awesome, she was little hot but she's used to it. She's a carseat baby, she's always on the go! She just slept in her carseat and the times she was up. She just sat around happy as a clam. She's the most prefect baby. She just super happy and easy but again she's number 4 so it's expected!

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Bella Vista 5k

A family tradition, we just added a new member to our family and it was great way to kick off Labor Day weekend. Hurricane Issac decided to blow it's way into our area which meant lots of rain but it turned out to be more like misty rain. It rained all day long on Friday and all night long. When we got up this morning to get ready to go to the 5k event. I wasn't sure if it would happened due to the weather. It was cloudy, blowing hard wind, plus it was raining like crazy but sure enough right before the race was about to begin the weather decided to clear up. Thank goodness, miracles still do happened!
I'm almost 11 weeks postpartum, I finally decided to start working out again about two weeks ago. All three of my older kids started school and it was the perfect time to get my butt into gear! I spent the first week walking around Lake Bella Vista. I didn't want to injured myself, because I'm prone to hurting myself especially my knee and feet! So, this week..I decided to keep walking but I added one running day to my workout rotation. My walking buddy's are like special grandma's to my kids. Eunice and Jo were on stroller duty. They walked around the lake with the baby while I went for a run all by myself. I did three miles around the Lake Bella Vista in about 45 minutes. I felt really good after the run and decided that I would attempt running the Bella Vista ward 5k community event. This will be our 3rd year running this event as a family.
Logan expressed interested in running a 5k back in May when the kids ran in the Bentonville Gold Rush 1k/5k race. Logan really wanted to run a 5k but I wasn't really sure if he was being serious or not! You know how wishy-washy he can be about things. I decided the Bella Vista 5k would be the perfect time for him to see if he likes running or not because it's FREE! Well, it wasn't the greatest experience for him. He didn't not train for this event. My friend Regina caught up to him at the race, she stayed with him for the last mile which I really appreciated. She was worried about him, running on the main hwy back to the finish line. He was running all by himself. I thought, I would run next to him but he was too fast for me. Logan kept complaining to her about how it felt like the race was a 100 miles long. He couldn't of been happier to get it over with. I'm not sure if he will run another 5k but I'm glad he gave it a try. Plus, the biggest reason so he could earn two tickets for screen time.
Landon is a natural when it cames to running. He did a good job as well. His finish time was 29 minutes, he ended up with a side cramp which made it hard for him to finish the race. His last race back in May he came in under 26 minutes. He was a little bit bummed about his 5k time but it's a super hilly course. I'm so proud of Logan and Landon!
Here comes, the poor me story about me just having a new baby and running my first 5k since having baby Leilani! Originally, I thought that I would run the race and push the baby in my jogging stroller but the weather was super crappy outside. At the last minute, I had to find someone to watch Leah and Leilani. Sure enough, I found someones husband to watch my girls. The baby just felled asleep and I told Leah to sit next to her and watch her for me. Soon after the race started, Leroy was able to make it to the race after all and he took over watching the girls. I was so worried during the race that the baby would wake up and be a nightmare but it worked out. She didn't wake up until the end of the event. It all worked out perfectly. The course was hard, super hilly. I couldn't physically run up the hills. I'm way too weak. So, instead of giving up...I suck it up and decided to walk all of the hills. I thought for sure I would be the very last person to finish the race but I wasn't. I could of other people finished after me. I did beat my time which I set out for was to finish in under 45 minute. I came in around 41 minutes. This was probably my worst running time every but you know what I'm still proud of myself. I think most people wouldn't even try to run it but I did it! It's not about the time you get but crossing the finish line. It feels good just to do it whether your the first person or the last person to cross the finish line. I'm hoping to start running in more races, hopefully by November I will be running a half marathon.
If running the 5k wasn't bad enough. Leah wanted to run in the 1k for the little kids. She wanted to run with her. It wasn't easy, my legs felt like lead but I did it. We finished together at the finish line, well she came in before me. I'm so proud of her.