Saturday, September 15, 2012

Just keeping it REAL!

Keeping it real, it's hard work but I'm not going to give up until I lose the last 15 pounds. I started off with over 20 pounds to lose and I'm already down 5 pounds in less than four weeks. Sadly, I gained my weight all over my body. My biggest areas to gain weight was my abs, hips, and my love handles.
I'm working, I couldn't do it without my support of my family and friends. I'm walking two days a week. I'm running two times a week with the help of my friend Eunice, who is the stroller pusher! I'm trying to squeeze in a couple of Turbo Fire workouts. Running is great but I have a tendency to get to condition to it to fast. I have to keep things constantly changing to force my body to lose the weight.
The pictures do not lie...My tummy is hanging out. Gross, hopefully, it will go away with time. My core is already feeling stronger with each workout! The kids are all over the place but I don't care, I just tune them out. Once, the baby is up from her nap. The kids are in charge of baby! It all works out in the end.
Meal Plan:
High protein and Low carb diet
Breakfast: Oatmeal or Egg with Turkey Bacon on Bread round
Post Workout: Nectar protein shake
Lunch: Tuna Fish sandwich with Greek Yogurt plus bread round
Afternoon snack: Pure Protein bar or rice cakes
Dinner: One cup of veggies plus 4-6 oz of meat!
I try really hard not to eat after 7:00pm
I try to drink 8-16 oz of water
It's always important to remember to never compare yourself. No two bodies are the same.
Just do your BEST! 

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Meg said...

good job, lara! I packed on 40 lbs this pregnancy and I can't lie and say it was all baby because it was all desserts! Totally worth it at the time, but I should probably start eating healthier now!