Tuesday, August 31, 2010

First Day of School

Ten on Tuesday!

1. Leah started preschool TODAY! I can't believe but my little baby is going to school. Right after the boys left to catch the bus; Leah was really to leave to go preschool. She was really bummed when she learned she had to wait two hours for school to start. She was so excited. She even went outside to take pictures in front of the flowers. This is was her idea!

2. I wanted to get a picture with her teacher. She decided to take off running and didn't want to have her picture taken. She wanted to get to the classroom as fast as possible. I'm about to pick her up in a few minutes. I can't wait to find out how was her first day of school.

3. Last Saturday, I took the kids plus the neighbor girl to Frisco Festival for the afternoon. The kids had a blast on the free rides and snow cones were even sweeter on a hot day. Of course, Destiny dropped her snow cone as soon as I was done paying for them all. You would expect more from a 11 yr old.

4. We managed to get one last dip in the swimming. I wouldn't lie. It was cold but doable. As long as you didn't get out of the water and kept on moving. I'm not sure if they will want to go again this summer.

5. Enrichment meeting is this week. It's a back to school night. I have to come up with a few after school snack ideas??? Any suggestions?

6. Leroy and I are still debating about taking a trip to Hawaii this fall. I'm leaning towards going but Mr. Money pincher isn't sure he wants to spend the money. What's the point of earning the money if you can't enjoy it once in awhile.

7. My garden is almost all done. One of the watermelons ended up splitting in half. Only one is left. Hopefully, it will make it. I'm really craving watermelon at the moment.

8. I just received three stocking in the mail. Yes, I felt inspired by my Aunt Julie to knit my own xmas stockings for the kids. Hopefully, I will complete them by xmas.

9. I'm running in a 5k and 10k race this weekend! Landon's going to join me in the 5k race. It should be a fun weekend.

10. Also, this Sunday...we will be celebrating our 12th wedding anniversary. I still can't believe how fast time goes by.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Ten for Tuesday

1. It's amazing how fast summer vacation goes by. I just seemed like the kids were off from school and now their already back.

2. Sorry, about the neglect of this blog. I kids are keeping me super busy. I seriously have hundreds of pictures from our big summer vacation trip out East. I'm experiencing computer problems and I can't seem to upload any pictures at the moment.

3. We traveled out East for four weeks. The kids had a blast with their grandparents and their Auntie Jenny. It was so nice to have additional help with the kids. Leah just told me the other day that she misses Grandma in Tennessee and Grandpa and finally Auntie Jenny. It wasn't easy being all together but the kids did have a some great memories especially at williamsburg and the outer banks.

4. I managed to drive all the way out to Tennessee without a driver license. I didn't realize it was missing until I got to my parents house. I went the whole trip without it. Luckily, I didn't need it. Dad is most of the driving on our trip out East. Well, after two months of being about find it. I decided to go down to DMV and pick up a new one. Surprisingly, We didn't have to wait at all. I was up at the front counter geting my new license when I realized Leah wasn't with me. I turned around, look at the back of the room. There stood poor Leah covered in throw up. All the way down her front, on her purse, and all over the floor. I'm not sure how long she was standing their in her own vomit but it was probably five minutes. The girl at the counter gave me a couple of paper towels. I'm managed to wipe up most of the mess and the check out girl had my new license. We promptly left the DMV and we only recieved a few dirty looks. Leah's in bed right now resting. Hopefully, it's nothing to serious.

5. Landon and Logan both started school last Thursday. I was really worried about Logan starting Kindergarten. He went to school on Thursday with no problems. I thought he would be clingy but he wasn't. Logan waiting a whole extra year has been a huge plus. He loves his teacher and loves going to school. The first thing, he said when he got off the bus was how nice is his teacher is to him.

6. Landon just started the Second grade and loves his teacher. I'm expecting a good year for both of the boys.

7. Leah my little baby will be starting preschool next week. She will be attending the same preschool that the boys attended. The Bella Vista Preschool is a great school. My boys loved it and had so much fun. It's a play based preschool so it's all about socializing and making friends. Leah is really bored with out her "BOYS" which are her bothers.

8. I managed to get some canning projects in over the weekend. I managed to canned grape juice, salsa, whole tomatoes, and stewed tomatoes. I only have a few jars left. I'm still hoping to go raspberry picking but I have missed it for the past two years. Hopefully, Leah will start feel'n better soon and we go picking together.

9. I managed to get my hair cut and I love my new short hair do. I'm never going back to long hair.

10. I'm going to start working on the kids Halloween costumes. Leah's going to be a princess and the boys will be prince charming. My friend Eunice gave me a patten the fabric and zipper. We're going to start on her costume next week. I didn't make costumes last year and I really regretted it. So, I'm going to start early this year and get it done before October. The kids are going to look so cute!

11. Finally, the boys are taking karate and Landon just started Cub Scouts. Life just keeps on getting busier. Logan is refusing to go karate which I'm really mad about it. He went the first couple of times but now he wants to stop. I told him that I wouldn't be signing him up for anymore activities for the rest of the year. The kids can be so fickle about things.

Well, that's all for now.