Wednesday, November 20, 2013

17 Months Old

17 Months Old
  • Leilani likes to think she's a big girl! She's becoming more and more independent each day.
  • She hasn't meet a stranger yet, everyone is her friend. She's so cute. She will wave and say "hi" to complete strangers. My other kids were super shy and never did this.
  • I swear her new phrase is "what's this"?
  • If she has a runny nose, she will lift up her shirt and wipe her nose.
  • She knows what to do with a rag, she will try to wipe of the kitchen table clean.
  • She loves bath time until you try to clean her than she tries to jump ship.
  • She loves to munch on slices of bread, which is funny because her older sister hates bread and still refuses to eat it.
  • She's still a big time Daddy's girl. As soon as daddy comes home from work, she goes crazy. If he doesn't pick her up, right away. She will throw a big old fit. She can't get enough of him. She's always crying when he leaves to go to work in the morning. Daddy loves all of the attention. The three older kids were all Mommy boy's and girl!
  • If her diaper is wet or dirty, she will take it off herself.
  • She loves to run around like a free birdy.
  • She loves being outside. It doesn't matter how cold or hot it is outside. She wants to be in nature.
  • She figured out how to climb up on Leah's bed, she likes to climb up on the kitchen table, and she's a climbing expert at this point.
  • She's left handed. She's always eating with her left hand which daddy isn't happy about but it's not like I can force her to use her other hand. So, Landon and Leilani are both left handed unless she decides to start using her other hand.
  • She's sleeping thru the night in her crib but she sometimes ends up in our bed at night.
  • She's nolonger on the bottle. She's taking a sippy cup. She's eating like a champ. She loves my Creamy Chicken Rice Soup. She couldn't get enough of it. She lives scrambled eggs and toast for breakfast. She's a big time potato chip lover.
  • She's in the 50-75% for height and weight.
  • She still loves to go nursery.
  • She's becoming more vocal and throwing temper tantums when she doesn't get what she wants.
  • If she's hungry, she will drag me to the fridge and demand that I find her something to eat.
  • She still loves music and she's got some good dance moves.
  • When a show is over on the tv, she will bring me the controller.