Tuesday, December 17, 2013

18 Months Old

18 months old
* She loves to pretend play-especially when it comes to cleaning. She will take a rag and pretend to be cleaning up the table. She loves to grab a the broom, as well. She will pretend that she's sweeping up the floor.
* Leilani's hair is finally long enough for pig-tails.
* 18-24mths are a little bit too small. She's moving unto size 2t clothes.
* Loves to talk up a storm. She's adding at least one new word each day. Every time, she has a dirty diaper. She will say "yuck" over and over again.
* She now calls her daddy "Da, Da" no longer calling mom and dad...momma.
* She calls her sippy cup a bottle.
* She told Logan last night to "go" away.
* She's still a big time daddy's girl. She can't get enough of him.
* She loves to watch baby cartoon show called "Baby Inspirations".
* She even knows what button to push to turn off and on the tv.
* Leilani will not leave the Christmas tree alone. She's always pulling off the ornaments. She's quite naughty.
* She loves to be a girly girl. She always has a her little girl purse. She always wants her toe nails painted.
* The best part of turning 18 months old is that she's official in nursey. Luckily, she's been part of nursery for the past three months. It's nice to know that she's an official member of nursery.
* When I pull out the camera to take a picture of Leilani. She will give me a big fake cheesy smile. She's such a ham.
* She folds her arms for meal time prayers.
* She doesn't always share very well. She's very possessive of her stuff.
* She loves to show off.
* If I give her a simple command, she will follow it. If I tell her to go get her shoes. She will go get them.
* If she wants to go outside, she will bring me her jacket which means she wants to go outside and play.
* Doesn't really care for snow. She liked to be pulled in a sled but didn't like to touch the snow.
* Can drink from a cup.
* Loves to play in the bathtub.
* Still loves to dance to music.

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Leah turns "7" years old



 My little girl just turned "7" years old. Where did all the time go. She's still very much like a little girl but I'm a little bit worried that she will seen be too old for Barbie dolls and dress up hoo!
I decided to go with a Barbie Themed party. For Halloween, I sewed up matching Barbie Princess costumes so it seemed prefect to go with a Barbie themed party. So, they could wear their dresses again. The girls looked so good! Leah really did feel like a princess at her party.
The cake was a complete disaster. I made the mistake of forgetting to pick up some food coloring at the store. By the time I made it back from Walmart the baby had fallen asleep and I was running out of time. All that I could find was Halloween food coloring dye. Yikes...what to do? So, I decided to make her Barbie into a Christmas theme Barbie cake. The party theme was "pretty in pink" everything was Pink and White. I ran into another problem. I couldn't squeeze the decorating bag hard enough for the star tip. I was at the verge of crying my eyes out. So, one again...I had to use a different tip. The thought the cake turned out horrible. It was so ugly. I had envision something else. Here's the funny part. All of the party guest loved the cake. They were all ohhhh and aweing over it. They couldn't believe a real Barbie doll was used to make the cake. I guess, it doesn't take much to impress a bunch of seven year Oh, when we cut into the cake. I forgot that I used a strawberry cake mix. The girls at the party said the cake looked more like a Green frosting with pink cake did look like a watermelon. Leah thought it would be funny to pull out the Barbie and start licking off the frosting. It was funny but kinda wrong at the same time.
Anyway, back to the party. The party was scheduled for the weekend before but a huge snow/ice storm hit the area the night before her party. I had to reschedule the party. The kids ended up with five snows days. So, the party was rescheduled for the next Friday except Friday morning we had freezing rain and the roads were dangerous slick. I thought for sure that I would have to reschedule her party again. I finally decided in the end, that I was going to have her party whether or not anyone showed up for the party. I really felt like I couldn't focus on Christmas while worrying about the party.
The roads finally did melt. Leah had a big turn out. About eight of her friends from school and church. Her girlfriends made it to the party with no trouble at all. Leah was literally jumping up and down when each of her party guest arrived. She's such a lucky girl.
Anyway, the party was super fun. The girls spent the majority of time...dancing. I have a party cd called "Greg and Steve". I highly recommend this cd. I use it for every class party and birthday party. The music is awesome. It has the freeze dance, limbo, and lots more party songs. Leah and Leilani were holding hands and dancing all over the place. It made for a really special moment for the girls. Towards, the end of the party. Leah and Kailyn decided to put on a dance recital for their friends. The girls had been working on it over the snow days. They put on their pettiskirts and did a whole dance routine for their friends. I thought it was so sweet of them.
I always stick with the same themed party. We placed all of the classic games, musical chairs, pop each other balloons, the limbo, and pass the gift around for a surprise. Why re-invent the wheel, if you have a good party idea. Just keep reusing it. The girls didn't seem to mind at all. It made the whole party so much easier.
Leah really wanted to pain nails as one of the activities. So, I had to paint all 9 girls nails plus the baby is such a girly girl. She loves nail polish. She kept trying to take off with all of the nail polish. I finally had to have Leroy take her away because she was causing so much trouble.
The party was flying by super fast. I made this awesome punch called "Pink Lemonade Punch" it's made with pink lemonade, sherbet, and sprite. So, good! The girls couldn't get enough of it. It's my new favorite punch to serve at a party.
Anyway, back to the party. Time was going by so fast. We hurried up and opened up her presents. Leah loved each and every gift. Her face was completely priceless. She had a big smile on her face. After gifts, the girls went back to dancing but this time with glow-in the dark bracelets. Slowly, one by one the party guest left to go home.
I sewed up party favor bags for the party. The girls were shocked when I told them that they could take the bags home with them. So, it was worth the time and energy to sew them up. I will be making them again for future girl parties.
Overall, the party was huge success. It's really nice to know that my daughter has so many friends. Everyone got along great at the party which is always a plus. Leah really did feel like a Barbie Princess.  

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

17 Months Old

17 Months Old
  • Leilani likes to think she's a big girl! She's becoming more and more independent each day.
  • She hasn't meet a stranger yet, everyone is her friend. She's so cute. She will wave and say "hi" to complete strangers. My other kids were super shy and never did this.
  • I swear her new phrase is "what's this"?
  • If she has a runny nose, she will lift up her shirt and wipe her nose.
  • She knows what to do with a rag, she will try to wipe of the kitchen table clean.
  • She loves bath time until you try to clean her than she tries to jump ship.
  • She loves to munch on slices of bread, which is funny because her older sister hates bread and still refuses to eat it.
  • She's still a big time Daddy's girl. As soon as daddy comes home from work, she goes crazy. If he doesn't pick her up, right away. She will throw a big old fit. She can't get enough of him. She's always crying when he leaves to go to work in the morning. Daddy loves all of the attention. The three older kids were all Mommy boy's and girl!
  • If her diaper is wet or dirty, she will take it off herself.
  • She loves to run around like a free birdy.
  • She loves being outside. It doesn't matter how cold or hot it is outside. She wants to be in nature.
  • She figured out how to climb up on Leah's bed, she likes to climb up on the kitchen table, and she's a climbing expert at this point.
  • She's left handed. She's always eating with her left hand which daddy isn't happy about but it's not like I can force her to use her other hand. So, Landon and Leilani are both left handed unless she decides to start using her other hand.
  • She's sleeping thru the night in her crib but she sometimes ends up in our bed at night.
  • She's nolonger on the bottle. She's taking a sippy cup. She's eating like a champ. She loves my Creamy Chicken Rice Soup. She couldn't get enough of it. She lives scrambled eggs and toast for breakfast. She's a big time potato chip lover.
  • She's in the 50-75% for height and weight.
  • She still loves to go nursery.
  • She's becoming more vocal and throwing temper tantums when she doesn't get what she wants.
  • If she's hungry, she will drag me to the fridge and demand that I find her something to eat.
  • She still loves music and she's got some good dance moves.
  • When a show is over on the tv, she will bring me the controller.


Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Ten on Wed

1. Football season is almost over! It's been a difficult season due to all the rain. The field at the church sponsoring Upward football has been too muddy to play on. They missed two weeks of football/cheerleading because the field was too muddy to play on. Luckily, a player in the league owns this field which has been a blessing. The kids have been working hard for the past week trying to make up three games that they missed. This field is even further away from the original field which stinks because it's a longer drive. I'm just glad that the kids will be able to finish their season. The original field is still too muddy. This Saturday, is the last game for the season.
2. Logan does play well but he has mixed feeling about football. He doesn't love it nor hates it either. He wants to play "running back position". The thing about Upward is you have to take turns playing different position. I'm hoping he will want to give it another try because he really does have skills. Last Saturday, he had his first touchdown plus he's really good about pulling tags. Logan is know for his famous spin moves that he's running with the ball.
3. Leah has had a hard time with cheerleading. I know, this would happened but I decided to let her try out cheerleading. This past game was the first time, she looked like she was having fun cheering at the game. I'm not sure if we will do cheerleading again.
4. I signed up Logan and Leah for basketball. Logan can't wait! It's his favorite sport. Leah doesn't want to play basketball but I'm going to make her. She's really athletic and I have a feeling she's going to be really good at it.
5. I'm still busy with the sewing machine. I just finished up sewing some really cute outfits for Leah. I just finished picking up fabric for Thanksgiving outfits. The big decision to make is whether to make top with pants outfit or dresses. I can't wait to get started.
6. Logan wants to be a toilet paper mummy. I'm going to make him an outfit out of muslin strips of fabric. Logan doesn't understand that toilet paper wouldn't hold up for an outfit at all.
7.  Leilani just turned 16 months old. I'm working really hard to get her ready for the new baby. I'm no longer getting up with her at night. We have been night training. Last night, she finally slept all the way thru the night. I'm also working on getting her off the bottle. It's getting harder to carry her around. I'm only half way thru my pregnancy. It's not going to get any easier.
8. Landon's last day of Tennis is today! They're offering a second session but we're going to skip it. It's getting really chilly outside and it's going to be too cold to get the kids at the park while he plays tennis.
9. I can't wait for November, no scheduled after school activities. We will be just be spending time as a family. I'm tried of being busy 6 days a week.
10.  My dad just had a birthday. He just turned the big "70"!

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

16 Months Old


 16 Months Old
(Sept 17th-Oct 17th)

  • Weighs 24 pounds, she's our chunky money!
  • Size 18-24 months clothes, sometimes 2t!
  • Leilani's hair is still crazy and getting longer. She's starting to get some curls in the back.
  • She's sleeping in her crib, mom isn't getting up with her anymore at night which means you have to cry yourself back to sleep.
  • You're a big time baby doll lover.
  • Mommy is having a lot of fun sewing baby clothes for you.
  • You've figured out how to climb up on chairs and benches. You love to climb up on my sewing chair and play around with sewing machine and serger. You think it's really funny to hit all the buttons and change the settings on my serger. You even figured out how to turn on and off my sewing machine while I'm sewing. You think it's really funny.
  • You also figured out how to use the light switch. You think it's really funny to turn off and on the lights in the kitchen. Logan decided to turn the light on and off from the other room. You're face was priceless. You were completed shocked that the light was turning off and on by itself.
  • You're learning how to drink from a sippy cup with a straw. I really want to wean you off your bottle but you don't want to give it up.
  • You follow simple commands-if we tell you to get a diaper.
  • You love cheese sticks, eggs and toasts, and you're a big bbq potato chip lover!
  • You love to give hugs and kisses.
  • You get so sad, when everyone leaves in the morning for school and work.
  • You love to look at books. You can turn the pages in a book.
  • You love to help mommy with her chores, you really like to take the silverware out of the dishwasher and you throw it into the silverware drawer.
  • Markers are not allowed, you love to scribble and color yourself.
  • You're starting something new...tempter tantrums. You don't have a problem expressing yourself.
  • You love to drag me to the freezer and you beg for popsicles.

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Ten on Tues.

 1. While, I still have some energy. I made this really cute jacket for the baby. It's a little bit big on her but I want her to be able to wear it again next Fall. Isn't it cute?
2.  Leilani is a big time baby doll lover. I made all of the girls these really cute hoodie towels and Leilani just had to have one as well. She loves to walk around loving her baby doll. She pats it on the back and even tries to give it a real bottle to drink. Hopefully, she wouldn't be too jealous of the new baby. Yesterday at the park, she was really naughty. There was another little one year old girl at the park. Well, Leah kept walking right up to her and kept pushing her down. It was so embarrassing.

3. My BFF's son just celebrated his 5th birthday. I went ahead and made him this really cute Super Hero's cape. He loved it!

4.  She really cute. Almost too cute. She thought it was funny to run away from me while at Logan's football practice. She kept on running, all the way across the field. She would take off running. She would turn around to see if I was coming and she would take off running even faster. She thought it was so funny. I was so exhausted by the time, we made it back home. This little girl is fearless.

5. The girls are going to be Barbie Doll Princess for Halloween.

6. I'm number 5! I already have a huge baby bump. It's not going too be pretty by the time I have this baby. I'm so hungry, all the time. Anyway, I meet a mom at the park a couple of weeks ago. I invited to come join us for lunch bunch. She brought me a huge box full of really nice maternity. I finally have clothes. Sadly, this morning. I was looking at a top to wear. I thought at first the top was huge but it turns out it was a little bit on the tight side. A sad moment but the baby is growing and I'm in prefect health. I couldn't ask for anything more.

7. Leah and the kids were jumping on the trampoline. Well, Logan did a front flip and landed on Leah's arm. Leah wouldn't stop screaming. I thought for sure, she must of broke something. I called Leroy in a panic. I don't handle these types of things at all. Just before he made it home, Leah decided her arm didn't hurt so bad and the screaming came to an end. No broken bones but I'm going to predict that she will have a bruise in the morning.
8.  Landon will be going away for an overnight school trip to the Ozark Nature Center. He will be leaving next week. He can't wait to go. It's only for one night. They get to spend the whole two days out in nature. Learning all about science.
9. The shop is a complete nightmare. The whole thing leaked awful over the weekend. Leroy wasn't too happy about it. Hopefully, they can get the problem corrected. The roof and the windows were leaking like crazy. It's a real shame.
10.  I'm working sewing up Snow White outfit for the baby. I'm also working on sewing up matching pajamas for the girls as well.
11. The kids have a four day weekend. We wouldn't be doing anything special. Leah has to bring snacks this Saturday for cheerleading and Logan has two football games.  

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Spaghetti Sauce- Canning recipe!

Homemade spaghetti sauce for canning.

2 onions
2 bell peppers
1/2 bushel tomatoes
1 1/2 tsp garlic
1/2 cup sugar
1/4 cup oregano
1/4 cup parsley
1/4 cup salt
1 cup oil
1 cup red wine vinegar
48 oz tomato paste

Chop onions and bell peppers and cook in oil until soft. Use large pot. Blanch and peel tomatoes. Pour tomatoes in with onions and peppers and cook until soft. Add in tomato paste until desired consistency. Mash tomatoes. I only used 36oz of paste this time.

Add spices and all other ingredients and stir. Let cook until desired thickness. I cooked on low heat for 7 hours. Then pour/scoop into quart jars and put in hot bath for 50 minutes. Makes 9-10 jars.

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

If you haven't heard the news...

Baby Girl "L" is due to arrive on Feb 14th, 2014!

Leilani is going to have a little sister to play with which will be a lot of fun. Think of all the cute matching outfits.

At first, I thought we were having a boy because I was having such a super easy pregnancy. I felt totally different then I did with Leilani but when we had the first doctor's appointment. The baby had a super high heartbeat which usually means baby girl. The nurse said that a lot of times at the early stages the heartbeat is really fast so not to worry about it but the second appointment the baby still had a really high heartbeat around 159. I know than that it was going to be a girl. Leroy was hoping for a baby boy. I'm not going to lie, he was disappointed. He had his heart set on a boy but I told him that it's not the end of the world. He already has two boys. He's a little bit worried about raising three daughters. He's planning on using his shotgun to keep the boys Anyway, I'm really happy plus we already have all of the girl clothes and stuff.

Friday, September 20, 2013

15 months old

Little Miss Attitude-don't mess with me!

August 17th-September 17th
  • Imitates housework-she's always walking around with the broom trying to swipe the floor. She's going to be a little momma!
  • Push the button on her singing Barbie dolls. She knows to turn it around and pushes the button all on her own. She doesn't understand that not all dolls sing which makes her mad at times.
  • Says up to 10 words but she still calls her daddy..."mama"! It's kinda cute!
  • When she hears the phone ringing. She gets super excited. She knows that you talk in the phone. She runs up to the phone and begs for it. She usually will say "Leah" over and over again. She's very talkative.
  • The baby gate is gone. She can climb up and down the stairs all on her own.
  • She's very independent at feedings. She's now trying to eat using a fork or spoon. I mash the food unto the fork so it doesn't fall off when she's trying to put it in her mouth.
  • She's starting to color with her big sister. It's really cute watching them with crayons and paper. Plus, Leilani is obsessed with markers. She loves to take off the caps off the markers. She will do this over and over again. She really likes to draw all over her hands:( 
  • Waves-Hi and goodbye. If she sees that I have my shoes on and the car keys in hand. She starts to get really excited and starts to wave "bye bye".
  • Leilani loves to play outside in her Cozy Coupe.
  • She's still a big music lover. As soon as she hears the music. She will bust off dancing like crazy.
  • She's still in love with her bottle. I don't see her giving that up anytime soon. She still can't figure out how to drink from a sippy cup.
  • She doesn't have a problem going to the babysitters. She's trying out nursey at the moment. She loves it. She's so cute, sitting at the table and eating her snack. If another child is crying. She will go up to them and give them a big hug. Only three more months until she can go officially.
  • Understands NO. If I tell her "no" she will shake her head "no". It's really cute.
  • She loves to play with the computer mouse.
  • Leilani has three new molars. Two on the top and one on the bottom.

Saturday, August 17, 2013

14 Months Old

What is perfection...Leilani.
*   Waves goodbye
*  Loves water
*  Drink from a straw
*  No longer in infant carseat
*   Loves to snuggle and if she really loves you. She will pat you on your back.
*   She talks all the time. She knows all of the names of her siblings but calls her daddy "momma"!
*  She can climb up and down
*  She's always smiling
*   When she wants something really bad. She will say "momma, momma, momma, and momma" really fast and closed together. It's super cute.
*  She loves to spin herself around
*  She loves to play in her cozy coupe.
*  She loves to wade in the deep end of the baby pool.
*  She loves to chew on jumbo pretzel rods
*  She loves her bottle
*  She loves to look at books and she even turns the pages.
*  She loves to feed other babies and humans. She will take a bit out of something and share it. She will even take it back and put in her mouth.
* She down to taking one nap a day.
* She likes to get up early and stay up late at night.
* She loves to follow her big sister around.
* She loves to play with Barbie dolls and dolls.
* She loves to play on her baby piano.
* She loves attention and wants everyone to hold her.
* She loves pushing around her doll stroller.

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Logan's 9th

It looks like the big man is going to get some braces. He kept telling use he wants to get dentures not braces. Yes, it might seem easier to just pull out all of your teeth but I really don't think that's what he wants to do with his teeth.
Daddy took Logan for a special birthday date to Chuck E Cheese. They managed to get over 300 tickets and had a blast playing all of the games. Leroy went a little bit overboard with all of the tokens and it took several hours to use them all up.
We had to drop off daddy at lunch time for the airport. He's working on a side work and installing firewalls in North Caroline. We need the extra cash. He will be home on Sat. On the way back from the airport, I decided to swing by Veronica's house and surprise her. We had a complete blast. We picked apples from her apple tree in the backyard. Plus, we were able to get a huge bag of pears, as well. The kids played outside on big wheels. I didn't even know they still made them. Logan loved running on the scooter up down the sidewalks. It started to rain, so we moved the party to the house. We played "Hucka Bucka Beanstalk" a family tradition. It's a hide and seek game. Now, comes the crazy part. The girls went off to go swimming in the pool but it was raining outside. The boys didn't want to go but veronica decided the birthday boy should get dunked. She literally picked him up and carried him to the pool. She literally throw him into the pool. He was really mad at first but he ended up having a blast swimming in the rain. Veronica decided it was Landon's turn being his birthday was last week. So, she picked him up and ran with him to the pool but she decided to not throw him in the pool. She knows his personality and he would been super mad at her forever if she had done it.
We're finally back home...Logan is sleeping over at David's house for the night. It's been non-stop fun. It's hard to believe that Logan is already 9 years old.

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Baby #5

Baby #5 is expected to arrive on Valentine's Day!
Yes, this is a surprise baby! We couldn't be happier about it. After coming home from our big trip out East. I couldn't figure out why I was so tired. I thought it was just from traveling for three weeks with four kids by myself and driving over 3,000 miles. The tiredness didn't go away. I put two things together and I realized that we were expecting a baby.
I kept a secret from everyone. It was getting harder to hid my growing tummy. I figured it was time to set my first doctor's appt.
We had our u/s and the baby is prefect. The baby's heart rate is 160. At first, we couldn't really see anything. The baby appeared to be sleeping but it wasn't too long. The baby was up moving around like crazy. The baby stretched it's long legs. We could even see the baby's feet and toes. It wasn't too long, that the baby was waving at us. We could even see the baby's fingers. CRAZY!!!!! The nurse this was the best u/s she had done in the past two weeks. In the picture, the baby is waving at us.
The nurse, told me that I was actually a week further a long. So, my due date moved up to Feb. 14th. I still can't believe. A Valentine's Day baby!

We decided to tell the kids at dinner time about the new bay. I remember, that I had an old Valentine's box of chocolate in Leah's closet. I pulled it out and put in the pictures of the new baby. I told the kids that we had a surprise for them. They were so excited. Logan opened up the box but at first he was upset that there was no chocolates inside but the other two kids saw the pictures before him. Leah was in complete shock, she keep saying over and over again...what are we really having a baby? Her face was priceless! Landon claimed that he knew all along because he thought it was weird that I was going to the doctor because I never go to the doctor. Logan is super excited as well. The boys want the baby to be a boy and Leah wants another girl. We will find out in a couple more weeks.
It feels good to let the cat out of the bag.
The baby Leilani and baby #5 will be 20 months apart. I have never had two this close before so things should be interesting. I'm not sure how baby Leilani is going to handle it but hopefully she wouldn't be too jealous of the new baby.
This will be our last baby!!!!

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Tooth Fairy

Leah lost her first tooth. She's so excited. She's making phone calls. She can't wait for the tooth fairy to come tonight. I'm a little bit sad, it means she's no longer a baby but a big girl. I actually pulled it out for her, it was really gross but it's out and it's no longer bugging her.
As soon as the tooth came out, she couldn't wait for the Tooth Fairy to come! Logan yelled out to her that Mom is the Tooth Fairy but luckily Leah wasn't paying attention. I was very disappointed that Logan was trying to ruin it for her. I told him to hush up. I wanted her to believe in the Tooth Fairy, even if it was for this time only.
She was so excited to go to bed, she like a kid excited about going to bed the night before Christmas. She told that she wanted the Tooth Fairy to bring her a $100 bill. I told it that probably wouldn't happened but we would just have to see.
She wanted a little treasure chest to put her tooth in for the Tooth Fairy but they only give those away to students at school that lose their teeth at school. So, I found a small jewelry box and we put it under pillow. She went to bed with a big small on her face.
She managed to get up very early in the morning but she came to my room and told me that the box was gone and the tooth fairy didn't leave anything. I told her to go back to her bedroom and see if it possible fell underneath her bed. She enough she came back into my bedroom with a big smile on her face and she was holding up $1 bill. She couldn't be happier.
On a side note, Landon was really upset that Leah received $1 bill because when he lost his first tooth he only received .50 cents. I told him that it's
So, it's official she's no longer a baby but a big girl.

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

The Month of May

1. Indoor picnic not as fun as a real picnic but what can you do when the weather doesn't cooperate.
2.  End of the Year-Celebration...The whole forth grade spent the day at the, swimming, football, picnic, and lots of fun. I told my son, he's extremely lucky to be able to attend the best elementary school in the area. I don't know of too many fourth graders that get to spend a whole day having fun! Landon's best friend is going to a different middle school next year, it's going to be hard on him but I'm sure he will make new friends in middle school. Weird, I have a middle schooler...where did the time go?
3. It's is out. We decided to celebrate by hitting up the pool. The water is cold but it didn't stop the kids from swimming. Where did all the time go, it's been so crazy...the kids can't wait to travel this summer!

4. It's hard to believe but in a few weeks my baby will be turning the big 1! I couldn't image my life without her in it. It's been the most amazing experience ever. She's the most prefect baby ever. She gives us zero troubles. She's not shy, she loves to chatter, she walks everywhere, she will only feed herself, she's beautiful, and she loves everyone!

5. My birthday is coming up in a couple of days. I'm turning the big 35! Luckily, the baby makes me feel so young. We're going off to Mt. Magazine...tomorrow for two nights. No kids...I'm a little bit worried about leaving the baby but I'm pretty sure she wouldn't even miss her. Ms. Eunice will be taking care of all four kids.

6. Gotta, go...will finish up later. Time to put the baby to bed!

7. We're getting the property. We close on it, in a couple of days. It's only five minutes away from our house. The guy that did our remodel, will be building Leroy's shop on the new property. Hopefully, it will be done by the end of the summer. It's expected to take 2 or 3 months to build. If we get rid of all of his stuff at the house, we might actually have some more room at the house. The baby still sleeps in the living room.

We wouldn't be building a house anytime soon. We don't want to get in over our heads in debt. We will wait until we have the property and shop paid off before building our dream home.


Thursday, May 9, 2013

Baby Model

Leilani is so expressive, I love her eyes...her eyes say it all.

I just finished sewing this baby romper, right before Leroy made it home from Cali. He thought I had bought this outfit at the store and so did Landon. He told me from now on just to sew her clothes and not buy anymore at the store. I'm not sure if he realizes that means I can spend more money on fabric and's not cheap to sew but it's so worth it.

I created and designed this romper all by myself. I have already had a couple of my online sewing friends want me to write up a pattern but I'm not sure if I have the time to write up a how step by step photo post but I might if I can find the time!

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Ten on Tuesday

1. What to do with a really bad diaper rash? My little angel is suffering at the moment. It's been two weeks, it's looking better but it's taking longer than normal:( I noticed a white patch on her tongue which can only mean Thrush which would explain her diaper rash..maybe or not it's a problem. I need to call Veronica and find out what stuff she used at the natural food store. Her baby had it a way ago and the stuff she got from the doctor's office didn't work.

2. Logan is throwing up...three times. I surprised him at school and had lunch with him. He had a normal homemade lunch. He felt fine at the park while we waited for Landon to finish up his tennis lessons. While, I was preparing dinner. He was watching cartoons in my room. Next thing, I knew he was throwing up in his bathroom. Yes, he made it in the toilet bowl each time. He said he started to feel sick right before he started to watch Johnny Test. He's not acting sick at all expect for the puking part. Hopefully, it will be short lived stomach bug.

3. I have been feeling really guilty about missing some many of the kids field trips. I decided to swing by Tanyard Creek and surprise Landon with a short visit. I stayed for about 30 minutes. We didn't last long on the hike but it was worth it. The guilt is gone. If you feel guilty about something, than stop complaining and do it. After his visit, I swing by the school to have lunch with Logan.

4. When we were leaving Tennis Lessons, a lady came up to me and ask me if Leah was my daughter. I thought it was weird that she knew her name but it turns out that she's friends with Mrs. Ericson and is a volunteer in the class room. She told me that she loved the outfit that she was wearing to school the other day. She mention that her mom used to make clothes for her daughter but not anymore. She told that she loved it. She was really impressed. It was a good moment for me. I don't make homemade clothes for daughters, I make handmade clothes. Big difference. I have been sewing up some really cute outfits. I'm going to be soooo busy this summer that I'm not planning on sewing to much.

5. Leroy took the corporate jet to fly out to California for work. Lucky dog, he sounds like he's having a good time. He will be back Thursday night.

6. I'm getting so tired....I'm not a night owl.

7. The kids made handmade birthday cards for their great grandpa's upcoming 90th birthday!

8. I need to clean out my van.

9. The kids think there is a baby chipmunk in the garage. I hope, it's gone and not dead!

10. Logan's sick, so I will be missing quilt group. I really like hanging out with my 84 year old friend Ms. Donna. We even went to a couple of garage sales and sometimes we do lunch. Age is just a number.

I'm going to bed!

Monday, May 6, 2013

Lake Bella Vista

One of my favorite places in Bella Lake Bella Vista walking trail. It come's up second place because y'll know that Tanyard Creek is pretty close to Heaven on Earth. I have taken all of my babies for walks around Lake Bella Vista! It just keeps getting better, the kids love taking her for walks. Leah played with her on the creek bed. Leilani kept trying to eat the rocks. Logan used to do the same thing as a baby. It was a very special night, out with the kids enjoying a nice evening of no electronics and just family time!

Friday, May 3, 2013

May SNOW Showers

I can't remember a time in my life that we had snow in May even living up north. This is the very first time I have ever seen snow in the month of May down south here in Arkansas.

Landon ran into my room first thing this morning to tell me that it had snowed outside. He was like a kid on Christmas Morning! I remember having the same feeling as a child. I think maybe I was six years old. We were living in Kansas City and I remember waking up to discover snow on the ground. I was so excited and my kids had the same feeling this morning.

A special surprised!

The kids are running tonight in the Gold Rush, the weather forecast is snow and ice sleet. It's not going to be fun but Landon pointed out...that it will keep them from getting too hot while running.

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Exciting News

Last night, Leroy signed the contract to purchase land to build our dream home and garage.

About two weeks ago, Leroy decided to go for a drive. When he came back, he told me that he found some land for sale and he thought it would be the prefect location. I had my doubts, he has been looking for land to purchase for the past TEN years. I was kinda of rolling my eyes when he told me about his recent discovery.

After church, we drove by the property and it was prefect! It's off of County Road 40 and McNelly road. It sits up on top of a hill. It's like a slice of pie. It's 3.5 acres. It has a natural spring, creek and small drainage pond. The view is amazing.

Leroy was able to talk the guy down on his asking price. He meet up with him last night and signed the contract. Leroy was in such a hurry to meet the guy to sign the paperwork that he forgot to bring his checkbook to make the deposit but the sellar said just to mail it to him.

As soon as I can get over to the property, I will take pictures!

The only bad thing is that Leroy doesn't want to build until he pays off the property. So, we will probably still be in our home for a couple more years.

Also, it's still in the Bella Vista ward which is great. It's not bella vista but consider Bentonville which means no POA fees.

It's in Bentonville school district.

It's prefect!!!!!

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

She's Walking...

All three of my older kids walked at the ripe age of 9 months old. I wasn't sure if the baby was going to do the same thing or not but while we were in Branson. She took her very first step.

She's now, ten months old and she can take about 3-4 steps at a time.


 I had the honor of testing this pattern, it isn't for release yet. So, as soon as I get the ahold. I will add the link, if you're interested in trying out this Tunic/Skirt combo!
I had enough material left over to make a tunic dress for the baby. Even though they're about 5.5 years apart in age, doesn't mean they still can't coordinate.