Tuesday, December 17, 2013

18 Months Old

18 months old
* She loves to pretend play-especially when it comes to cleaning. She will take a rag and pretend to be cleaning up the table. She loves to grab a the broom, as well. She will pretend that she's sweeping up the floor.
* Leilani's hair is finally long enough for pig-tails.
* 18-24mths are a little bit too small. She's moving unto size 2t clothes.
* Loves to talk up a storm. She's adding at least one new word each day. Every time, she has a dirty diaper. She will say "yuck" over and over again.
* She now calls her daddy "Da, Da" no longer calling mom and dad...momma.
* She calls her sippy cup a bottle.
* She told Logan last night to "go" away.
* She's still a big time daddy's girl. She can't get enough of him.
* She loves to watch baby cartoon show called "Baby Inspirations".
* She even knows what button to push to turn off and on the tv.
* Leilani will not leave the Christmas tree alone. She's always pulling off the ornaments. She's quite naughty.
* She loves to be a girly girl. She always has a her little girl purse. She always wants her toe nails painted.
* The best part of turning 18 months old is that she's official in nursey. Luckily, she's been part of nursery for the past three months. It's nice to know that she's an official member of nursery.
* When I pull out the camera to take a picture of Leilani. She will give me a big fake cheesy smile. She's such a ham.
* She folds her arms for meal time prayers.
* She doesn't always share very well. She's very possessive of her stuff.
* She loves to show off.
* If I give her a simple command, she will follow it. If I tell her to go get her shoes. She will go get them.
* If she wants to go outside, she will bring me her jacket which means she wants to go outside and play.
* Doesn't really care for snow. She liked to be pulled in a sled but didn't like to touch the snow.
* Can drink from a cup.
* Loves to play in the bathtub.
* Still loves to dance to music.

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