Thursday, July 29, 2010

Jamestown Settlement

Hands On Museum

The funniest part of staying at my parents house is the Hands On Museum in Johnson City. This is the third time we have visited this children museum. It's worth every penny. The kids had so much fun. The current theme at the museum is nature. The boys had so much fun. They dress up as little squirrels and were running around trying to find acorns. The rest of the museum is just lots of dress up and hands on activities.

The funniest part was Logan in the grocery store play area. The kids decided to take turns ringing up food on the cash register. We expected Logan to ring up the food by punching in the prices but nope that's not what he did. He scanned all the food across the front of the register. I think we shop to much at Walmart. He kept trying to scan all the food. No matter how much we tried to explain to him to ring up the food he just didn't get it. I guess that's kids of today think everything should be scanned not punched in.

Toltec Mounds

When driving with three kids and pulling camper it's important to make lots of stops. The first place we decided to stop off at was the Toltec Mounds which are located outside of Little Rock! I learned about these mounds in my Naturalist classes and decided it would be worth the stop.

On the way, to the mounds the GPS took us this weird back roads way. I couldn't find it because I thought I knew better than the GPS. Dumb...We ended up going 10 miles out of our way trying to find the mounds. We managed to get gas and decided to head back and we located the sign and made it!

The Toltec Mounds site was AWESOME. We only planned on staying for one hour but we ended up staying for two hours. We started off by watching a film, the cashier had the kids use blow darts like the Indians use to us back in the days. The boys loved it! We finish off the site by checking out the exhibit hall where we learned more about the Indians that use to live in this area. If you want more information, click here!

We finish up the visit with a walking tour of the Mounds sites. I don't recommend the month of July during lunch time. It was hot, hot, and hot! It's a self guided tour and the best part is feeding the turtles. The backside of the mounds there is a lake. They have a boardwalk that takes you out to the lake and you can feed the turtles. The kids loved it.

I love seeing the big cypress trees. The trees are so awesome in person. So, if you're driving thru or want to do something fun with the kids. Check it out!

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Blue Ridge Mountians

The hike of a lifetime. We did this hike two years ago with grandma and the kids. The best part of the hike is the massive waterfall at the bottom of this trail. The hike is not easy. It starts off relativity flat and easy. The hike is only 1.5 miles long each way. It doesn't sound to hard but holy cow. It's hard! I type up a huge post and blogger deleted it. So, I'm going to keep this short.

Two years ago, grandma did this hike with us but she didn't hike down to the waterfall. It's literally stone steps that go down the side of this mountains. It's hard. My mom was disappointed last time because she didn't get to see it. So, this time she decided to give it a try. The hike down the steps is grueling and hard. My mom and dad slowly but surely they both made it down to the waterfall. My mom's ankle was all swollen up and she had to soak it in the cold water at the bottom of the waterfall.

I hope both of my parents know how proud I'm of them. It was a very hard and challenging at times. When we push ourselves and we overcome obstacles...that's when we grow as individuals. Also, they set a great example for their grand kids.

Monday, July 5, 2010

4th of July Celebrations

Two birthday Celebrations
A ton of waterballons
Yummy BBQ
Watching the fireworks
Spending time with Family and Frinds
Never a dull moment!

Friday, July 2, 2010

Red, White, and Blue Cookies

The Scheele Kids just wanted to wish everyone a safe and happy 4th of July!
We will be celebrating the 4th plus two birthdays this weekend. These cookies are sooooo easy to make, you can get the recipe at Jamie Cook's It Up, click here!