Thursday, July 29, 2010

Toltec Mounds

When driving with three kids and pulling camper it's important to make lots of stops. The first place we decided to stop off at was the Toltec Mounds which are located outside of Little Rock! I learned about these mounds in my Naturalist classes and decided it would be worth the stop.

On the way, to the mounds the GPS took us this weird back roads way. I couldn't find it because I thought I knew better than the GPS. Dumb...We ended up going 10 miles out of our way trying to find the mounds. We managed to get gas and decided to head back and we located the sign and made it!

The Toltec Mounds site was AWESOME. We only planned on staying for one hour but we ended up staying for two hours. We started off by watching a film, the cashier had the kids use blow darts like the Indians use to us back in the days. The boys loved it! We finish off the site by checking out the exhibit hall where we learned more about the Indians that use to live in this area. If you want more information, click here!

We finish up the visit with a walking tour of the Mounds sites. I don't recommend the month of July during lunch time. It was hot, hot, and hot! It's a self guided tour and the best part is feeding the turtles. The backside of the mounds there is a lake. They have a boardwalk that takes you out to the lake and you can feed the turtles. The kids loved it.

I love seeing the big cypress trees. The trees are so awesome in person. So, if you're driving thru or want to do something fun with the kids. Check it out!

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