Thursday, July 29, 2010

Hands On Museum

The funniest part of staying at my parents house is the Hands On Museum in Johnson City. This is the third time we have visited this children museum. It's worth every penny. The kids had so much fun. The current theme at the museum is nature. The boys had so much fun. They dress up as little squirrels and were running around trying to find acorns. The rest of the museum is just lots of dress up and hands on activities.

The funniest part was Logan in the grocery store play area. The kids decided to take turns ringing up food on the cash register. We expected Logan to ring up the food by punching in the prices but nope that's not what he did. He scanned all the food across the front of the register. I think we shop to much at Walmart. He kept trying to scan all the food. No matter how much we tried to explain to him to ring up the food he just didn't get it. I guess that's kids of today think everything should be scanned not punched in.

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