Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Ten on Tuesday

1.  The holiday season is in full swing, I'm so glad to be done with Halloween and Thanksgiving. I feel like my life is a giant checklist and I'm trying to mark everything off my list as fast as possible. It's worth it but it's soooooo time consuming.

2. Thanksgiving ended up being a little bit crazy but it all work out at the end. Leroy's mom oven stop working two days before Thanksgiving. Crazy timing but we decided to move Thanksgiving back to our house. I prefer to have gatherings at Leroy's mom house because she has a nice big table that we can all fit around but we somehow managed to squeeze everyone around our small breakfast table in the kitchen. We were in charge of preparing all of the food, we haven't cook a turkey in a couple of years. So, when I couldn't find the giblets anywhere and was scratching my head in wonder. Well, it turns out, they were under the neck flap...gross and I ended up cooking them with the turkey. Yikes, it was pretty funny after all but we didn't have any giblets to go with the stuffing.

3. This year, my hubby suggested that we all go around the table and say two things that we are thankful for this year. Every one went around the table and said their thanks and we dug right into the meal. My friend Emily brought over a pumpkin pie and it was delicious. I need to get her pie crust recipe and give it a try. It's good to know that I have so many wonderful friends. Thanks, again...Emily!

4. This year, we have learned that nothing ever stays the same. Life is always changing. Thanksgiving wasn't the same without Leroy's Dad and Uncle. We will miss them and hopefully we can move forward but still remember them.

5. Well, Thanksgiving is out of the way....check....done! Now, I'm busy working on Leah's party plus Logan's class party. Leah wants a slumber party. I decided to be lazy and print up some photo invites from Walmart. She's holding a big number six and its' a princess theme card. It turned out really cute except when I went to the store to pick up the invites to only discover that they were out of envelopes. So, the girl called me back last night to tell me that they found the box of envelopes back in the storage room. So, I had to drive back to Walmart to pick up the envelopes. Super annoying, I should of ask for my money back.

6. I know a lot of people don't do sleep overs, so I'm not expecting to many girls to actually sleep over. I'm planning on most people dropping off their daughters in their jammies for the party and pick them back up before the sleep over starts which is fine with me. I know for a fact that four of the girls will be staying for the sleep over. Leah has already had sleep overs with two of the girls and I already spoken to the other girls mom about the sleep over. She's going to keep my boys at her house for a sleep over and I wouldn't have to worry about the boys trying to crash the party like they did last year.

7. Logan's class party is going to be "All Aboard The Polar Express", which will include book exchange. I'm currently working on the letter to parents. I hate to write but somehow I agreed to write up the letter again. I'm really bad about not seeing my mistakes. I can read it over a couple of times before I catch my mistakes. So, I'm working on the letter and it's almost done. I have to get in touch with Logan's long term sub because his teacher had her baby today! Oh, we're going to have the kids come in their jammies, drink hot chocolate, play bingo, make reindeer cookies, and book exchange at the end.

8. Christmas is coming soon as well. We will be traveling to Tennessee for Christmas but if that wasn't bad enough we also have to plan Logan's baptism that will be in Tennessee as well. We have most of the program planned but we still need to type it up. We also have to go to the stake building tonight to get our temple recommends done.

9. Leroy is having surgery in the morning, we have to leave like super early in the morning. I'm hoping the neighbor can keep the kids for a sleepover tonight and have her get the kids up and out the door to catch the bus. Don't worry, Leroy's surgery is very minor but he can't drive himself home so I will have to take him.

10.  I barely work out at all, last week. So far this week, I'm doing really good. I managed to run six miles on my treadmill. Today, I managed to workout to weights plus turbo fire for 15 minutes. I keep the baby's pack n play in the family room but I have it position right in front of the window. It's a good set up, she can sleep and I can keep an eye on her plus she can't hear me working out. Plus, it was really hard to be good during Thanksgiving. I'm using the timer to tell me when I'm allowed to eat meals and snacks. It's really helping...I have seem to have lost all self control. I'm feeling stronger plus I'm trying to reteach myself to eat when I'm hungry not out of boredom. It's hard when your home all day with the baby. It's so easy to mindless snack on food all day long.