Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Ten on Wed

1. Football season is almost over! It's been a difficult season due to all the rain. The field at the church sponsoring Upward football has been too muddy to play on. They missed two weeks of football/cheerleading because the field was too muddy to play on. Luckily, a player in the league owns this field which has been a blessing. The kids have been working hard for the past week trying to make up three games that they missed. This field is even further away from the original field which stinks because it's a longer drive. I'm just glad that the kids will be able to finish their season. The original field is still too muddy. This Saturday, is the last game for the season.
2. Logan does play well but he has mixed feeling about football. He doesn't love it nor hates it either. He wants to play "running back position". The thing about Upward is you have to take turns playing different position. I'm hoping he will want to give it another try because he really does have skills. Last Saturday, he had his first touchdown plus he's really good about pulling tags. Logan is know for his famous spin moves that he's running with the ball.
3. Leah has had a hard time with cheerleading. I know, this would happened but I decided to let her try out cheerleading. This past game was the first time, she looked like she was having fun cheering at the game. I'm not sure if we will do cheerleading again.
4. I signed up Logan and Leah for basketball. Logan can't wait! It's his favorite sport. Leah doesn't want to play basketball but I'm going to make her. She's really athletic and I have a feeling she's going to be really good at it.
5. I'm still busy with the sewing machine. I just finished up sewing some really cute outfits for Leah. I just finished picking up fabric for Thanksgiving outfits. The big decision to make is whether to make top with pants outfit or dresses. I can't wait to get started.
6. Logan wants to be a toilet paper mummy. I'm going to make him an outfit out of muslin strips of fabric. Logan doesn't understand that toilet paper wouldn't hold up for an outfit at all.
7.  Leilani just turned 16 months old. I'm working really hard to get her ready for the new baby. I'm no longer getting up with her at night. We have been night training. Last night, she finally slept all the way thru the night. I'm also working on getting her off the bottle. It's getting harder to carry her around. I'm only half way thru my pregnancy. It's not going to get any easier.
8. Landon's last day of Tennis is today! They're offering a second session but we're going to skip it. It's getting really chilly outside and it's going to be too cold to get the kids at the park while he plays tennis.
9. I can't wait for November, no scheduled after school activities. We will be just be spending time as a family. I'm tried of being busy 6 days a week.
10.  My dad just had a birthday. He just turned the big "70"!

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

16 Months Old


 16 Months Old
(Sept 17th-Oct 17th)

  • Weighs 24 pounds, she's our chunky money!
  • Size 18-24 months clothes, sometimes 2t!
  • Leilani's hair is still crazy and getting longer. She's starting to get some curls in the back.
  • She's sleeping in her crib, mom isn't getting up with her anymore at night which means you have to cry yourself back to sleep.
  • You're a big time baby doll lover.
  • Mommy is having a lot of fun sewing baby clothes for you.
  • You've figured out how to climb up on chairs and benches. You love to climb up on my sewing chair and play around with sewing machine and serger. You think it's really funny to hit all the buttons and change the settings on my serger. You even figured out how to turn on and off my sewing machine while I'm sewing. You think it's really funny.
  • You also figured out how to use the light switch. You think it's really funny to turn off and on the lights in the kitchen. Logan decided to turn the light on and off from the other room. You're face was priceless. You were completed shocked that the light was turning off and on by itself.
  • You're learning how to drink from a sippy cup with a straw. I really want to wean you off your bottle but you don't want to give it up.
  • You follow simple commands-if we tell you to get a diaper.
  • You love cheese sticks, eggs and toasts, and you're a big bbq potato chip lover!
  • You love to give hugs and kisses.
  • You get so sad, when everyone leaves in the morning for school and work.
  • You love to look at books. You can turn the pages in a book.
  • You love to help mommy with her chores, you really like to take the silverware out of the dishwasher and you throw it into the silverware drawer.
  • Markers are not allowed, you love to scribble and color yourself.
  • You're starting something new...tempter tantrums. You don't have a problem expressing yourself.
  • You love to drag me to the freezer and you beg for popsicles.

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Ten on Tues.

 1. While, I still have some energy. I made this really cute jacket for the baby. It's a little bit big on her but I want her to be able to wear it again next Fall. Isn't it cute?
2.  Leilani is a big time baby doll lover. I made all of the girls these really cute hoodie towels and Leilani just had to have one as well. She loves to walk around loving her baby doll. She pats it on the back and even tries to give it a real bottle to drink. Hopefully, she wouldn't be too jealous of the new baby. Yesterday at the park, she was really naughty. There was another little one year old girl at the park. Well, Leah kept walking right up to her and kept pushing her down. It was so embarrassing.

3. My BFF's son just celebrated his 5th birthday. I went ahead and made him this really cute Super Hero's cape. He loved it!

4.  She really cute. Almost too cute. She thought it was funny to run away from me while at Logan's football practice. She kept on running, all the way across the field. She would take off running. She would turn around to see if I was coming and she would take off running even faster. She thought it was so funny. I was so exhausted by the time, we made it back home. This little girl is fearless.

5. The girls are going to be Barbie Doll Princess for Halloween.

6. I'm number 5! I already have a huge baby bump. It's not going too be pretty by the time I have this baby. I'm so hungry, all the time. Anyway, I meet a mom at the park a couple of weeks ago. I invited to come join us for lunch bunch. She brought me a huge box full of really nice maternity. I finally have clothes. Sadly, this morning. I was looking at a top to wear. I thought at first the top was huge but it turns out it was a little bit on the tight side. A sad moment but the baby is growing and I'm in prefect health. I couldn't ask for anything more.

7. Leah and the kids were jumping on the trampoline. Well, Logan did a front flip and landed on Leah's arm. Leah wouldn't stop screaming. I thought for sure, she must of broke something. I called Leroy in a panic. I don't handle these types of things at all. Just before he made it home, Leah decided her arm didn't hurt so bad and the screaming came to an end. No broken bones but I'm going to predict that she will have a bruise in the morning.
8.  Landon will be going away for an overnight school trip to the Ozark Nature Center. He will be leaving next week. He can't wait to go. It's only for one night. They get to spend the whole two days out in nature. Learning all about science.
9. The shop is a complete nightmare. The whole thing leaked awful over the weekend. Leroy wasn't too happy about it. Hopefully, they can get the problem corrected. The roof and the windows were leaking like crazy. It's a real shame.
10.  I'm working sewing up Snow White outfit for the baby. I'm also working on sewing up matching pajamas for the girls as well.
11. The kids have a four day weekend. We wouldn't be doing anything special. Leah has to bring snacks this Saturday for cheerleading and Logan has two football games.