Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Ten on Tues.

 1. While, I still have some energy. I made this really cute jacket for the baby. It's a little bit big on her but I want her to be able to wear it again next Fall. Isn't it cute?
2.  Leilani is a big time baby doll lover. I made all of the girls these really cute hoodie towels and Leilani just had to have one as well. She loves to walk around loving her baby doll. She pats it on the back and even tries to give it a real bottle to drink. Hopefully, she wouldn't be too jealous of the new baby. Yesterday at the park, she was really naughty. There was another little one year old girl at the park. Well, Leah kept walking right up to her and kept pushing her down. It was so embarrassing.

3. My BFF's son just celebrated his 5th birthday. I went ahead and made him this really cute Super Hero's cape. He loved it!

4.  She really cute. Almost too cute. She thought it was funny to run away from me while at Logan's football practice. She kept on running, all the way across the field. She would take off running. She would turn around to see if I was coming and she would take off running even faster. She thought it was so funny. I was so exhausted by the time, we made it back home. This little girl is fearless.

5. The girls are going to be Barbie Doll Princess for Halloween.

6. I'm number 5! I already have a huge baby bump. It's not going too be pretty by the time I have this baby. I'm so hungry, all the time. Anyway, I meet a mom at the park a couple of weeks ago. I invited to come join us for lunch bunch. She brought me a huge box full of really nice maternity. I finally have clothes. Sadly, this morning. I was looking at a top to wear. I thought at first the top was huge but it turns out it was a little bit on the tight side. A sad moment but the baby is growing and I'm in prefect health. I couldn't ask for anything more.

7. Leah and the kids were jumping on the trampoline. Well, Logan did a front flip and landed on Leah's arm. Leah wouldn't stop screaming. I thought for sure, she must of broke something. I called Leroy in a panic. I don't handle these types of things at all. Just before he made it home, Leah decided her arm didn't hurt so bad and the screaming came to an end. No broken bones but I'm going to predict that she will have a bruise in the morning.
8.  Landon will be going away for an overnight school trip to the Ozark Nature Center. He will be leaving next week. He can't wait to go. It's only for one night. They get to spend the whole two days out in nature. Learning all about science.
9. The shop is a complete nightmare. The whole thing leaked awful over the weekend. Leroy wasn't too happy about it. Hopefully, they can get the problem corrected. The roof and the windows were leaking like crazy. It's a real shame.
10.  I'm working sewing up Snow White outfit for the baby. I'm also working on sewing up matching pajamas for the girls as well.
11. The kids have a four day weekend. We wouldn't be doing anything special. Leah has to bring snacks this Saturday for cheerleading and Logan has two football games.  

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