Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Ten on Tuesday

1. What to do with a really bad diaper rash? My little angel is suffering at the moment. It's been two weeks, it's looking better but it's taking longer than normal:( I noticed a white patch on her tongue which can only mean Thrush which would explain her diaper rash..maybe or not it's a problem. I need to call Veronica and find out what stuff she used at the natural food store. Her baby had it a way ago and the stuff she got from the doctor's office didn't work.

2. Logan is throwing up...three times. I surprised him at school and had lunch with him. He had a normal homemade lunch. He felt fine at the park while we waited for Landon to finish up his tennis lessons. While, I was preparing dinner. He was watching cartoons in my room. Next thing, I knew he was throwing up in his bathroom. Yes, he made it in the toilet bowl each time. He said he started to feel sick right before he started to watch Johnny Test. He's not acting sick at all expect for the puking part. Hopefully, it will be short lived stomach bug.

3. I have been feeling really guilty about missing some many of the kids field trips. I decided to swing by Tanyard Creek and surprise Landon with a short visit. I stayed for about 30 minutes. We didn't last long on the hike but it was worth it. The guilt is gone. If you feel guilty about something, than stop complaining and do it. After his visit, I swing by the school to have lunch with Logan.

4. When we were leaving Tennis Lessons, a lady came up to me and ask me if Leah was my daughter. I thought it was weird that she knew her name but it turns out that she's friends with Mrs. Ericson and is a volunteer in the class room. She told me that she loved the outfit that she was wearing to school the other day. She mention that her mom used to make clothes for her daughter but not anymore. She told that she loved it. She was really impressed. It was a good moment for me. I don't make homemade clothes for daughters, I make handmade clothes. Big difference. I have been sewing up some really cute outfits. I'm going to be soooo busy this summer that I'm not planning on sewing to much.

5. Leroy took the corporate jet to fly out to California for work. Lucky dog, he sounds like he's having a good time. He will be back Thursday night.

6. I'm getting so tired....I'm not a night owl.

7. The kids made handmade birthday cards for their great grandpa's upcoming 90th birthday!

8. I need to clean out my van.

9. The kids think there is a baby chipmunk in the garage. I hope, it's gone and not dead!

10. Logan's sick, so I will be missing quilt group. I really like hanging out with my 84 year old friend Ms. Donna. We even went to a couple of garage sales and sometimes we do lunch. Age is just a number.

I'm going to bed!

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Meg said...

I totally agree that age is just a number. I love having friends of all ages, too! Conversation is all about personality and experiences.

I hope Logan feels better soon!