Thursday, May 2, 2013

Exciting News

Last night, Leroy signed the contract to purchase land to build our dream home and garage.

About two weeks ago, Leroy decided to go for a drive. When he came back, he told me that he found some land for sale and he thought it would be the prefect location. I had my doubts, he has been looking for land to purchase for the past TEN years. I was kinda of rolling my eyes when he told me about his recent discovery.

After church, we drove by the property and it was prefect! It's off of County Road 40 and McNelly road. It sits up on top of a hill. It's like a slice of pie. It's 3.5 acres. It has a natural spring, creek and small drainage pond. The view is amazing.

Leroy was able to talk the guy down on his asking price. He meet up with him last night and signed the contract. Leroy was in such a hurry to meet the guy to sign the paperwork that he forgot to bring his checkbook to make the deposit but the sellar said just to mail it to him.

As soon as I can get over to the property, I will take pictures!

The only bad thing is that Leroy doesn't want to build until he pays off the property. So, we will probably still be in our home for a couple more years.

Also, it's still in the Bella Vista ward which is great. It's not bella vista but consider Bentonville which means no POA fees.

It's in Bentonville school district.

It's prefect!!!!!


Meg said...

so awesome!!! Where is it? off rolling hills? I've been searching property over there for months and didn't see any for sale. That is a perfect location, you're going ot love it!

Lara said...

It's right off Mcnelly road! You can see the big mansion from the top of the property!