Thursday, May 9, 2013

Baby Model

Leilani is so expressive, I love her eyes...her eyes say it all.

I just finished sewing this baby romper, right before Leroy made it home from Cali. He thought I had bought this outfit at the store and so did Landon. He told me from now on just to sew her clothes and not buy anymore at the store. I'm not sure if he realizes that means I can spend more money on fabric and's not cheap to sew but it's so worth it.

I created and designed this romper all by myself. I have already had a couple of my online sewing friends want me to write up a pattern but I'm not sure if I have the time to write up a how step by step photo post but I might if I can find the time!

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Patent Box lawyer said...

Those eyes! They're so expressive! Reminds me of my own daughter, whose eyes exude that same depth and expression, amazing to look into!