Saturday, August 17, 2013

14 Months Old

What is perfection...Leilani.
*   Waves goodbye
*  Loves water
*  Drink from a straw
*  No longer in infant carseat
*   Loves to snuggle and if she really loves you. She will pat you on your back.
*   She talks all the time. She knows all of the names of her siblings but calls her daddy "momma"!
*  She can climb up and down
*  She's always smiling
*   When she wants something really bad. She will say "momma, momma, momma, and momma" really fast and closed together. It's super cute.
*  She loves to spin herself around
*  She loves to play in her cozy coupe.
*  She loves to wade in the deep end of the baby pool.
*  She loves to chew on jumbo pretzel rods
*  She loves her bottle
*  She loves to look at books and she even turns the pages.
*  She loves to feed other babies and humans. She will take a bit out of something and share it. She will even take it back and put in her mouth.
* She down to taking one nap a day.
* She likes to get up early and stay up late at night.
* She loves to follow her big sister around.
* She loves to play with Barbie dolls and dolls.
* She loves to play on her baby piano.
* She loves attention and wants everyone to hold her.
* She loves pushing around her doll stroller.

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