Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Logan's 9th

It looks like the big man is going to get some braces. He kept telling use he wants to get dentures not braces. Yes, it might seem easier to just pull out all of your teeth but I really don't think that's what he wants to do with his teeth.
Daddy took Logan for a special birthday date to Chuck E Cheese. They managed to get over 300 tickets and had a blast playing all of the games. Leroy went a little bit overboard with all of the tokens and it took several hours to use them all up.
We had to drop off daddy at lunch time for the airport. He's working on a side work and installing firewalls in North Caroline. We need the extra cash. He will be home on Sat. On the way back from the airport, I decided to swing by Veronica's house and surprise her. We had a complete blast. We picked apples from her apple tree in the backyard. Plus, we were able to get a huge bag of pears, as well. The kids played outside on big wheels. I didn't even know they still made them. Logan loved running on the scooter up down the sidewalks. It started to rain, so we moved the party to the house. We played "Hucka Bucka Beanstalk" a family tradition. It's a hide and seek game. Now, comes the crazy part. The girls went off to go swimming in the pool but it was raining outside. The boys didn't want to go but veronica decided the birthday boy should get dunked. She literally picked him up and carried him to the pool. She literally throw him into the pool. He was really mad at first but he ended up having a blast swimming in the rain. Veronica decided it was Landon's turn being his birthday was last week. So, she picked him up and ran with him to the pool but she decided to not throw him in the pool. She knows his personality and he would been super mad at her forever if she had done it.
We're finally back home...Logan is sleeping over at David's house for the night. It's been non-stop fun. It's hard to believe that Logan is already 9 years old.

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Mozi Esmes Mom said...

And a happy birthday to Logan!