Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Baby #5

Baby #5 is expected to arrive on Valentine's Day!
Yes, this is a surprise baby! We couldn't be happier about it. After coming home from our big trip out East. I couldn't figure out why I was so tired. I thought it was just from traveling for three weeks with four kids by myself and driving over 3,000 miles. The tiredness didn't go away. I put two things together and I realized that we were expecting a baby.
I kept a secret from everyone. It was getting harder to hid my growing tummy. I figured it was time to set my first doctor's appt.
We had our u/s and the baby is prefect. The baby's heart rate is 160. At first, we couldn't really see anything. The baby appeared to be sleeping but it wasn't too long. The baby was up moving around like crazy. The baby stretched it's long legs. We could even see the baby's feet and toes. It wasn't too long, that the baby was waving at us. We could even see the baby's fingers. CRAZY!!!!! The nurse this was the best u/s she had done in the past two weeks. In the picture, the baby is waving at us.
The nurse, told me that I was actually a week further a long. So, my due date moved up to Feb. 14th. I still can't believe. A Valentine's Day baby!

We decided to tell the kids at dinner time about the new bay. I remember, that I had an old Valentine's box of chocolate in Leah's closet. I pulled it out and put in the pictures of the new baby. I told the kids that we had a surprise for them. They were so excited. Logan opened up the box but at first he was upset that there was no chocolates inside but the other two kids saw the pictures before him. Leah was in complete shock, she keep saying over and over again...what are we really having a baby? Her face was priceless! Landon claimed that he knew all along because he thought it was weird that I was going to the doctor because I never go to the doctor. Logan is super excited as well. The boys want the baby to be a boy and Leah wants another girl. We will find out in a couple more weeks.
It feels good to let the cat out of the bag.
The baby Leilani and baby #5 will be 20 months apart. I have never had two this close before so things should be interesting. I'm not sure how baby Leilani is going to handle it but hopefully she wouldn't be too jealous of the new baby.
This will be our last baby!!!!

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