Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Tooth Fairy

Leah lost her first tooth. She's so excited. She's making phone calls. She can't wait for the tooth fairy to come tonight. I'm a little bit sad, it means she's no longer a baby but a big girl. I actually pulled it out for her, it was really gross but it's out and it's no longer bugging her.
As soon as the tooth came out, she couldn't wait for the Tooth Fairy to come! Logan yelled out to her that Mom is the Tooth Fairy but luckily Leah wasn't paying attention. I was very disappointed that Logan was trying to ruin it for her. I told him to hush up. I wanted her to believe in the Tooth Fairy, even if it was for this time only.
She was so excited to go to bed, she like a kid excited about going to bed the night before Christmas. She told that she wanted the Tooth Fairy to bring her a $100 bill. I told it that probably wouldn't happened but we would just have to see.
She wanted a little treasure chest to put her tooth in for the Tooth Fairy but they only give those away to students at school that lose their teeth at school. So, I found a small jewelry box and we put it under pillow. She went to bed with a big small on her face.
She managed to get up very early in the morning but she came to my room and told me that the box was gone and the tooth fairy didn't leave anything. I told her to go back to her bedroom and see if it possible fell underneath her bed. She enough she came back into my bedroom with a big smile on her face and she was holding up $1 bill. She couldn't be happier.
On a side note, Landon was really upset that Leah received $1 bill because when he lost his first tooth he only received .50 cents. I told him that it's
So, it's official she's no longer a baby but a big girl.