Friday, September 20, 2013

15 months old

Little Miss Attitude-don't mess with me!

August 17th-September 17th
  • Imitates housework-she's always walking around with the broom trying to swipe the floor. She's going to be a little momma!
  • Push the button on her singing Barbie dolls. She knows to turn it around and pushes the button all on her own. She doesn't understand that not all dolls sing which makes her mad at times.
  • Says up to 10 words but she still calls her daddy..."mama"! It's kinda cute!
  • When she hears the phone ringing. She gets super excited. She knows that you talk in the phone. She runs up to the phone and begs for it. She usually will say "Leah" over and over again. She's very talkative.
  • The baby gate is gone. She can climb up and down the stairs all on her own.
  • She's very independent at feedings. She's now trying to eat using a fork or spoon. I mash the food unto the fork so it doesn't fall off when she's trying to put it in her mouth.
  • She's starting to color with her big sister. It's really cute watching them with crayons and paper. Plus, Leilani is obsessed with markers. She loves to take off the caps off the markers. She will do this over and over again. She really likes to draw all over her hands:( 
  • Waves-Hi and goodbye. If she sees that I have my shoes on and the car keys in hand. She starts to get really excited and starts to wave "bye bye".
  • Leilani loves to play outside in her Cozy Coupe.
  • She's still a big music lover. As soon as she hears the music. She will bust off dancing like crazy.
  • She's still in love with her bottle. I don't see her giving that up anytime soon. She still can't figure out how to drink from a sippy cup.
  • She doesn't have a problem going to the babysitters. She's trying out nursey at the moment. She loves it. She's so cute, sitting at the table and eating her snack. If another child is crying. She will go up to them and give them a big hug. Only three more months until she can go officially.
  • Understands NO. If I tell her "no" she will shake her head "no". It's really cute.
  • She loves to play with the computer mouse.
  • Leilani has three new molars. Two on the top and one on the bottom.

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KeeKee J said...

Wow I wish I had your hands I been learning how to see on my sewing machine for over 8 years I haven't had anyone to teach or to buy lessons I have a Jerome and really the class for someone to teach me how to use such is costly . Great Job I hope one day you have some videos on lessons. I know that's much.