Tuesday, September 11, 2012

10 on Tuesday

1.  My grandma is going to knit a Christmas stocking for Leilani which I couldn't be more than happy about! One less thing to worry about, I'm slowly starting to work on Christmas.

2.  Logan will be baptized at Christmas, just like his older brother Landon. Logan requested to wait until all of the family could come to his baptism. I don't blame him, it wouldn't be as special without all the family being there for him.

3.  Starting today, I will be watching my neighbors kids from Tue-Friday after school. She has agreed to watch my kids in return for three of those days. So, I wouldn't have to drag the boys to Leah's soccer games and I wouldn't have to drag Logan and Leah to Landon's tennis lessons.

4. Landon will be starting tennis lesson this afternoon. Logan said he wanted to take lessons but he changed his mind. He prefers to be home. The little guy is a home-body! He just likes to run around outside with the neighbor kids and ride his bike around the neighborhood.

5. I'm a little bit worried, that I will forget to get Devin off the special needs bus. I have to get the kids off two separate buses at two separate times. Confusing, I'm really hoping the special needs bus will drop him off in front of my house but we will see what the driver does.

6. Facebook has been crazy lately, you would be shocked if I wrote down all the strange messages I have received the past couple of days: requests for my breast milk, a friend told me that she's being living the gay lifestyle, a friend is separated from her hubby, and so many more things. Wow, I don't know what's going on in the world but it's coming right at me. I'm not sure why everything wants to tell me all about their life problems but it's starting to get a little bit to me. I'm just going to remind myself it's their life not mine. It's easy to get sucked into other peoples drama.

7. My neighbors son will be starting cub scouts tonight, I'm hoping it will work out. Our troop is so unorganized. They just called in new leaders, again. I don't want my neighbor to be like this troop is completely disorganized and not want her son to come again. Praying hard the cub scouts leaders wouldn't let me down.

8.  My best friend is having her baby on Thursday morning, I can't wait to meet him!

9. The baby weight is slowly coming off. I'm working my butt off and I'm on week 4! I'm running three days a week and lifting weights for the other three! I still have 18 pounds to go. I want all the extra pounds to be gone before Christmas break.

10.  Leroy is traveling for work this week. He's currently in Colorado setting up the new data center in Colorado Springs. He should be home by the end of the week.

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