Sunday, September 16, 2012


My best friend Veronica had her baby a couple of days ago. She just called me to tell me that she's so upset. She was told that her church would be bringing over meals. Guess what, not a single phone call or a meal has been brought over. She feels like the biggest loser. She told her mom that she wouldn't have to worry about cooking dinner because it supposedly lined up. She feels so unloved by people she thought cared about her. So, her mom is now cooking dinner and plans on making a couple of freezer meals before she leaves on Tuesday to go back to California. She's also planning on buying her a batch of freezer meals from Walmart. I told her that I would bring her a meal when her mom leaves town. Anyways, what a crappy thing to do to someone that just had a c-section and a new baby. I hope, people in the future think a little bit less about themselves and more about others. Argh!!!!

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