Tuesday, September 4, 2012

End of the Summer

Labor Day: Boating, Kayaking, Tree Swing, Ping Pong, and Yummy Food!
Camp Peterson aka the bishop's home! Just encased you were a little bit confused. No we didn't rent the canoe. Anyways, we invited our neighbors to come join us at the Bishop's house. I know, this is a little bit of a no-no thing to do but I knew they wouldn't mind. Sure enough, Jocelyn didn't mind at all. We literally spent all afternoon at the lake. We didn't plan on staying all day long but it just happened. The kids had so much fun boating and swimming in the lake. The girls are so cute! My neighbor was really surprised how many people her kids knew from school at the party. She decided that she wants to try out cub scouts for her son. I'm still trying to work on it. Too bad, every single person I tried to get in contact with about scouts, couldn't answer any of my questions. It's not a simple situation being that her son has special needs but I wouldn't hate to surprise them. He does really well but he does need some help with some social situation.
I still look really chubby, I really don't like the way I look at the moment. I'm not going to cry about it. I'm working at it. I did managed to lose another pound. I'm now down a total of four bad I still have another 19 pounds to go!
Leroy thought the water was freezing cold, it wasn't cold at all. He such a cry baby...anyways he spent most of his time playing ping pong with the boys. He also spent some time with the kids taking them for a ride in the canoe.
Logan spent the majority of his time kayaking and rope swing. We're thinking about getting the boys their own kayaks. We talked about getting them some last year but it didn't happened. So, we 're leaning towards getting them their kayaks. We will see, how that will pan out.
Leah attempted to kayak by herself but she managed to freak out. So, she's enjoying just being a passenger maybe next year she will be comfortable going by herself. She was happy to be her best friend Kailyn. The girls spent the whole day in the water...most of it just swimming around. Leah kept on splashing everyone...I wasn't too happy about that part but overall a successful day. 
The baby did awesome, she was little hot but she's used to it. She's a carseat baby, she's always on the go! She just slept in her carseat and the times she was up. She just sat around happy as a clam. She's the most prefect baby. She just super happy and easy but again she's number 4 so it's expected!

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Meg said...

they have those little kayaks at sams club...they aren't as expensive as i'd thought they would be.