Monday, April 25, 2011

My Old Alumni

Flashback without any old photos of me at BYUH; sorry, all of my photos were from pre-digital age! While on the trip, we decided to spend three nights up at our old stomping ground at BYU-Hawaii. I attend from 1996-2000 and Leroy attended from 1995-2000 (yes, you read that took him two major changes which realized in an extra of schooling)! Like, I said we decided to bum around the school and check out all of our old favorite spots. You wouldn't believe how many people came up to us thinking we're students attending school. I thought it was really funny. I don't look like I use to back in the late night 90's. I'm not 18, 19, 20, or 21 yrs old but over 30! It was just like being young and just barely married with no responsibilities. We literally just walk around the school and reminiscing about how life use to be. Carefree, adventitious, and down right FUN! It wasn't an accident that Leroy and I ended up attending school together at BYUH at the same time. Seriously, blessing in so many ways. Going back to my old Hale left me overwhelmed with tears and emotions. I can't believe how much fun; I used to have with all of my old room mates. BYUH opened the doors for so many wonderful experiences. Seriously, the best four years of my life.

Life changing events to place at this very special school. Don't ask me what I learned in the classroom because I really wasn't paying to much attention. Life experiences have helped me to grow in so many ways especially meeting my husband and being sealed together forever in the Laie Hawaii Temple back in Sept. 1998.'s crazy to think we have been married for almost 13 years. I want to be young and carefree again but that's not very realistic. Thanks, for taking this short trip down memory lane.

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