Monday, December 5, 2011

Ten on Monday

1. Once again, I can never figure out how to upload the photos until Sorry, just look at the pictures from the bottom to the!

2. Last week, planning Leah's birthday party took way too much of time and energy but it was worth it at the end. Leah had an amazing first birthday party with all of her little friends from church and preschool. Her best friend ended up coming down with a high fever so she wasn't able to attend the party. Too bad, because I planned the party to fit her schedule so she could attend. Anyways, that's life!

3. Leah decided she would like a Hello Kitty party. At the time, I wasn't sure where I would find Hello Kitty stuff here locally but I knew Leroy's brother William that lives in Hawaii could go to the mall there and pick up some stuff for me at the Hello Kitty store. I did find out from friends that Hello Kitty is really popular here and even Walmart carries a lot of items. William sent her a super cute Hello Kitty. This morning, she decided to use her Hello Kitty as a gun! The results of having two older brothers, the poor girl will always be corrupted from them.

4. Here's my little secret in making a boring cake mix taste a hundred times better....just had one instant pudding mix to the cake mix. It will make your cake, so moist and tasty! It's an easy way to improve a cake mix. I really didn't feel like making a cake from scratch or decorate one either. I just made a bunch of cupcakes with homemade frosting. Store bought frosting is NASTY!!!!!! Anyways, I made a signed and it called it "Leah's Hello Kitty Bake Shop"! I had the girls frost and decorate their own cupcakes. The girls loved it! Super easy for Mom and the kids didn't realize they were being put to work.

5. I came up with a couple of party ideas, pin the bow on Hello Kitty plus I created a game that's like magically chairs but I made cat paw prints for the girls to use instead of chairs. We played the freeze dance and the limbo! The girls just had a blast playing party games, dancing, and popping balloons.

6. Leah was so excited to have so many of her friends attend her party. Now, she kept calling her birthday party "her FAKE birthday"! So, on Sunday, she kept on asking when she was going to have her "REAL" birthday party. I was like you already had your party and you are not having another party. She wanted two parties plus she had her birthday party at preschool today! She decorated all of her own cupcakes and decorated them all for her friends at school.

7. I still can't believe my little girl just turned "5" years old. Her little friend told her if she sucks her thumb after she turns five years old. It will "POP" off! So, she went all day long on her birthday not sucking her thumb. She really wanted to suck on it, after church but she decided to slap her thumb instead and she kept repeating that she wasn't going to suck it! I'm so proud of her, she hasn't sucked her thumb so far today, as well. Hopefully, she will be able to break this habit but she already told me that she had an addiction to!

8. We still don't have a Christmas tree, it started to rain Saturday afternoon and it didn't stop! I really wanted to get one picked. I had it all planned out that we would have it up and decorated on Sunday. It's now Monday, but it's super cold outside at the moment. So, maybe tomorrow we will get our tree!

9. The house remodel is completed. The only thing that is left, is the outside porch needs a ceiling fan but it will have to wait until this spring. I love, the remodel. Leroy picked up a tv stand for the Sunroom. There is a store in Rogers called "Decorate Me" and you can pick up some really good deals. It's like a scratch and dent store. The tv stand is normally sells for $500 and Leroy picked it up for $100. It has a small dent on the back side which no one will ever see. They also have brand new couches that are in prefect condition that are deeply discounted. So, we have the sun room done but now we need furniture but we will have to wait on that. The bank account is running low at the moment.

10. It's going to be a nice and quiet Christmas. I haven't even started any Xmas shopping, yet! I'm really hoping to send the holidays with our little family and just take it easy.


Meg said...

Yeah, sorry about the thumb sucking's totally from Quincy! I introduced Quincy to Shane Thompson (he cut his thumb off a couple years ago) and he told her he sucked it when he was a little boy and when he woke up on his 5th birthday it had fallen off. Perfect! I keep checking on Quincy when she is sleeping and she his never sucking it anymore. I seriously think it worked! If leah starts to slip up...just introduce her to shane! he'll happily hold his "nub" up and scare her out of it.

Quincy had a lot of fun at leah's party. You did a great job!

Lara said...

Yes, she got from Quincy and quite frankly it appears to be working. She really thinks her thumb will pop off. As long as she doesn't go back to thumbsucking that works for me!