Wednesday, March 5, 2014

20 Months Old

Our little baby girl is no longer the baby in the family. The new baby arrived a couple of days late which means she came on the day that Leilani turned 20 months old. Now, I'm a little bit late writing up this post but Leilani no longer seems like the baby anymore. It's strange, how over night everything can completely change for the rest of your life. Ms. Leilani is a "mini big sister". I was worried that she would be jealous of the new baby but that's not the case at all. She loves being the big sister. She can't get enough of Lindsey. I foresee them being the best of friends.
Leilani is now talking in very short sentences. Here's some of her favorite phrases.
This is what she started to call the new baby..."hi, you". Now, two weeks later, she calls the baby "hi, Baby".
Also, when she wants to pick up the baby which she isn't allowed to do. She will say "Help, me!"...I usually find her hovering over the baby trying her darnest to pick her up.
She's only regressed a little bit but overall, she's just growing up fast.
Leilani is no longer, sharing a room with Leah. She moved into the boys old bedroom. She will be eventually sharing a room with the new baby.

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