Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Tulsa Zoo

No time to blog...sorry, my blog sucks most of the time. Life just keeps on getting busier and busier with each passing day. I thought once the kids reached a certin age I would have tons of free time but I was sooooo wrong.
During Thanksgiving break, I had planned to go to the Tulsa Zoo with several friends. At the last minute everyone bailed on me. I wasn't about to dissappointed the kids. I decided to take the to the zoo by myself. I know some of you would of thought that would of been crazy idea to go to the zoo with three kids all by myself.
I figured it would be best to keep them busy instead of being home and bored which is never a good idea.
This was our first trip to Tulsa Zoo...I seriously don't know why I never ventured to take them to this zoo before. It's the prefect size zoo not to small or big. The price was just right.
The kids were amazingly good. I was a miracle. A two hour drive to the problems, four hours at the zoo, and two hours back home again no problems. Who took my kids space aliens. The kids were so well behaved. Leroy thought for sure I would call him at work to complained about the kids but I didn't.
So, if you haven't made the trip yet. You need to go! I swear...I have lived her for NINE years and this was the first time to the zoo. I always thought it would be really expensive but it's not. It only cost us $20 for one adult and three kids to get in.
Logan's favorite animal was the giraffe. He keep talking about how hard it must be to catch a giraffe to put into a zoo. Silly boy...I'm sure most of the animals at the zoo where born into captivity. Also, the zoo will be opening a new exhibit for seals. Logan also talked alot how hard it's going to be for the zoo to catch the sea
Anyhoo's...I feel so blessed to be able to spend the whole day with the kids without any distractions. We didn't even look at the clock once we were at the zoo. We just loved living in the NOW. more last minute note...Leah couldn't stand the smell of the inside animal houses. She kept on pinching her nose to keep out the smell. It was really cute!

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