Tuesday, May 10, 2011

The All American Sport

Bentonville Youth Baseball

Team: The Yankees

Spring 2011

Landon looks really good in his uniform!

Landon's very first time playing baseball. It turns out all of the kids on the team have played at least 3 or 4 years already. I had no idea that parents start off their kids at such a young age. I personally, find the game real boring. Landon is really enjoying it. It's a lot of sitting around in the dug out or standing out in the field. I wouldn't lie but I haven't been completely happy about the whole baseball thing. I didn't realize their is a lot of politics involved in the game. I know the coaches want the kids to win but I think at this age it should be about having a good time not so much on winning every game. Landon hasn't had too many opportunities but the coach is giving him more chances out in the field. He told me at the beginning that Landon has the potential to go far. He just lacks experienced compared to his teammates but that doesn't stop him from preforming well.

If you closely, he is holding the game ball. Landon plays third base which he is still learning. I'm learning as well. I don't appreciate the mom sitting in front of me criticizing Landon on third base. The little guy is learning...I'm not going to be so nice next time. Everything she was saying was true but it's little league back off lady. Next time, I'm going to say something and it would be pretty. Y'll know I'm pretty straight forward!

Okay, back to the game. Landon went up to the bat. All of the bases were loaded. Landon hit the ball. It just barely rolled in front of him. All of the kids managed to run into home. The other team tried to throw the ball to the second base man but he missed the ball. Landon didn't run into home because of some rule about limited number of runs allowed. The score went from visitor 3 and home 6. The scored managed to come up tied to 6 and 6. The other team came up to bat after this and they managed to get in one more run in and Landon's team lost the game but that's not the point.

Landon was able to bring the team back from nothing to almost winning the game. Everyone in the stands were jumping up and screaming when Landon hit the ball and the kids managed to get three balls. Landon was selected to receive the game ball for his outstanding performance. He never thought he would get a game ball. I'm so proud of him.

I hope, I'm making sense. It's not my thing but it's not called the all American sport for nothing.

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Emily Larkin said...

It really doesn't get any more all american then that! This is making me miss my little league days; such good memories. I love that they give away the game ball each time. That is a really cute tradition.