Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Rambling Updates & Thoughts

1. The new school year has started, which is leaving me feeling extremely overwhelmed. Landon's running for Vice President of Student Council, Logan and Leah are in soccer, plus we're remodeling the house. All of the homework, shuttling kids everywhere, attending meetings, I signed up again for PTO (seriously, someone stop me), plus all the stress of the kids. I'm also working on Landon's campaign slogan. I'm STRESSED!

2. This morning, I tired to workout but I couldn't get into it. My mind is running in a million different directions. Plus, Logan wants me to help him sew a gigantic size sleeping bag plus make these really cute wooden pumpkins.

3. Landon's Fall Ball was canceled due to lack of enrollment. Landon doesn't know yet but it's going to be real ugly when he finds out. I'm still waiting to hear back from Soccer people. I might end up coaching but I'm still waiting to hear back from the Soccer Gods who are black mailing me into coaching a team or Landon wouldn't be able to do Soccer. I hate SPORTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love to run but anything involving a ball "I HATE IT" is not my thing. I would feel better, if I had some control over the situation which I don't at the moment unless the Soccer Gods write back to me.

4. Leah is a little terror at the moment. She's really good during the day but as soon as her boys get off the bus. She's a full blown DEMON!!!!! She's tormenting the boys all afternoon. She's down right mean to them. I'm not going to put up with it today. She will sit in timeout all afternoon if she starts up trouble with her boys. She misses them and wants their attention but the way she's going about it is wrong.

5. I'm ready to run away and start all over some where else. Who's life is this, I hate it at the moment. I'm being really whiny, I don't care! I need to get it all of my chest.

6. The remodel job is coming along nicely, but it's loud work. I try to stay out of the house as much as possible but it's not practical. We are adding onto the house by making the sunroom twice as big plus it will be 4 seasons with a new deck. We need more space. The job should be done in about 8 weeks.

7. Leah told me that she wants a lot of fake babies for her birthday plus a real baby girl. She wants to go buy her a real baby and wrap it up! I told her that I would talk to her daddy about it but it might be difficult to get a real baby for her! She told me that if she had a baby girl sleeping in her room she wouldn't get scared at night and come into our room anymore at night.

8. Landon's campaign slogan is coming along. We need to start working on the posters which need to be turned in by the end of the week. Here's one of the slogan's but it will be up to Landon to decide at the end.

"Land Landon with a Landslide"
"Vote Better-Vote Landon!"
"Choose Landon S. and Get Action!"?
Plus, I want to make a T-Shirt for him to wear at school. What's wrong with a walking billboard? Something like "Vote Landon"!

I need to make a trip to Hobby Lobby!

7. Screw working out, I'm going to get my hair highlighted and cut!

8. Afterwards, if I have time then I will swing by the store and pick up supplies.

9. Okay, I'm feel'n better. I need to get a grip on myself.

10. Oh, Leroy and I will be celebrating our Wedding Anniversary this weekend. I think it will be "13" years of blissful marriage. Of course, nothing is planned and we will probably not do anything for it. Real lame! I know, Okay!

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Meg said...

"soccer gods" hahaha! That is sooooo true!

I often have thoughs about picking up my family, and moving to a new place. It's usually extreme heat and extreme ice that do it to me. Then fall or spring sets in and I'm ok again. If you ever want to "run away" over to my house, you're welcome, here! Leah and Quincy can pick on each other and we can do a craft.