Thursday, July 12, 2012

Random Ten

Logan is working hard on his Latch Hook rug. Landon and Logan both have their own sets and they are working hard on it. I decided that I was sick of them watching so much tv and playing so much video games. I decided to go by hobby lobby and pick up some latch hook rugs to help them keep themselves busy. The boys are loving it. I'm not feel'n so guilty anymore plus the kids are learning a new art!
Landon decided he wanted to take swim lesson as well. Logan wasn't interested, I decided it wasn't worth fighitng with him about it. Landon is learning how to swim all different the crawl, back stroke, and plus more. Landon is the strongest swimmer in the group. I'm thinking that next summer he would be ready to join the swim team.
Ms. Leah is taking swim lessons this week at Metfield Pool. The little girl is almost an indepent swimmer. She can swim under the water and float on her back. She's making so much progress in less than a weeks time. I'm so proud of her!
Okay, not my greastest picture but Leilani's first trip to Tanyard Creek. She's only two weeks old but she did really well! The boys managed to catch two fishes and Leah managed to pee behind a tree not an easy thing for a girl to do. Staying home all day long with all four kids drives me crazy. So, off we went to play in the creek.
This time, I'm doing things a little bit different. I have been trying out using cloth diapers. If you would of ask me about this a couple of years ago I wouldn't have try it at all. I decided to go ahead and make two covers plus 12 fitted diapers. I'm using half disposables and half cloth diapers. I usually use cloth during the day and regular diapers at night time. The verdict...cloth diapers are so easy to use because I'm nursing her...I just take off the cloth diapers and put them in a special bag. I wash the diapers every two or three days. No big's so easy. I'm saving a ton of money. I'm still using both because I don't want to mess with cloth at night. It's hard to see in the dark. So, I'm going to make the next size in diapers and will probably keep it up for the next couple of months. Once, she starts on solids...I might change my mind and go back to disposable diapers.
Field trip to Har-Ber Village, located in Grove's a museum with a ton of old log cabins filled with antiques.
Leilani's big day to be blessed at church!
Leilani's blessing dress was made by my good sewing friend...Ms. Eunice! I felt really bad about not helping with the dress but I'm so tired at the moment. I decided to let her make the dress and ditch the guilt. I'm tired which isn't a good combination when trying to sew. The dress turned out sooooo good. I feel so blessed to have such amazing friends to help me out with the new baby.

Grandma Scheele and Baby Leilani...first time meeting each other!

This is what the boys do to entertain themselves while I'm busy with the baby...building towers with plastic cups and making club houses with the!


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