Friday, June 22, 2012

Art Camp

Logan attended Art Camp at the Wishing Springs Art Gallery in Bella Vista. The camp lasted all week long and the theme was "Art from Around The World"! On Friday, it was the last day of camp plus it was the night of the Art Show. Logan had all of his art work on display plus they served punch and cookies. Logan willn't admit it but he had a great time and wants to go back again for next year. Logan even tie-dye the shirt he is wearing in the first picture. He also created a face mask, dye wool, and some primitive art. It's so much fun to watch him grow and develop his talents. Thanks, for checking out this post and leave a comment about his art work....thanks!


Meg said...

Nice shirt, Logan!

I've never been in that art gallery, I didn't know they did an art camp kids will love it next year!

Emily Larkin said...

The primitive art looks like some of the stuff Jeff took pictures of in Australia! Great Job Logan!

Serena said...

Good job Logan!!!! Love Auntie!

Anonymous said...

Love the Art, Logan. :) boy got talent!