Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Coming Home

Nothing better than coming home a day earlier than planned from the hospital. Auntie Serena brought the kids down to visit with their brand new sibling....Ms. Leilani! I really think all of my kids look completely different from each other. I just pulled out Leah's baby pictures and they don't look like each other. They might have the same chin and nose but everything else is different. Anyways, Auntie had the kids make a bunch of Welcome Home signs to put up above her crib to make her feel at home. The kids loved it. We finally managed to make it out of the hospital after a couple of delays but I couldn't wait to leave. I wanted to be back home with my not-so little family. So, we finally made it back home. I couldn't be happier. I'm spending all of my time nursing the baby and just loving her to death. The kids are adjusting really well and they are such good little helpers.

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