Sunday, June 10, 2012

Ten on Sunday

1.  Another week, has gone by fast. I'm almost 39 weeks and no baby in sight of coming anytime soon. I did meet with my doctor's back up doctor and I wasn't too impressed with him. I'm really hoping that I wouldn't go into labor until my regular doctor gets back from Hawaii. I normally don't go into labor until week 40, so I should be fine. My next appointment is on Thursday, June 14th. I haven't made any real progress in the past two weeks. I'm starting to think that maybe I'm  not having such a big baby like I did last time I was pregnant with Leah. At this point with Leah, I was already at a 3/4 cm dilated and right now I'm still at 1.5 cm dilated. I'm feel'n really good at the moment. I'm trying to spend as much time as possible at the pool. It's so nice to be in the water while pregnant. It takes a ton of pressure off my back. I have everything that I need for the baby. I just have to say that 85% of the stuff that I have for the baby has come from garage sales. My friend "V" came across an awesome garage on Thursday and I managed to pick up gowns for 50 cents each plus a bunch of other things that look awesome. She had a infant carseat head support thingy. She told that she paid $20 for it and I picked it up for only $1. Still looks brand new!!!! Yippee!!!!!! Gotta love having good friends that are looking out for good deals for me. I'm 100% set for the new baby. Leroy's man cave downstairs is filling up fast with the baby stuff.

2.  Tie-Dye fun, this made a fun activity to kick off the week. I picked up the kit at the Walmart Associate store. The kids have been wanting to do for a long time so it felt good to have one more thing that I could cross off the list.

3.  Another big project, we have been working on for the past couple of months is Logan's quilt. I managed to borrow a quilting frame and the boys help me get it up on the frame. After we had it set up in the living room, I found the cat sleeping on top of the quilt. I'm still surprised that the quilt didn't come crashing down. I keep finding her in all the wrong places trying to nap. First, I found her earlier in the week sleeping in the baby's crib than I found her on top of the quilt sleeping. Ok, back to the quilt. I taught Logan how to tie the quilt but Landon didn't want to have anything to do with the quilt. He finally decided on Friday that he would help out with the quilt. Once he got started, he didn't want to stop. He managed to tie the last tie on the quilt. Logan wasn't too happy about it but we did finally get it done. The only bad thing is I have to bind off the quilt. I thought I could do it on my own but I keep messing it up. My sewing partner is out of town for vacation for the next couple of weeks. I"m so bummed, I really wanted to finish the quilt before the baby came but it doesn't look like it's going to happen.

4. On Saturday, I took the kids to Lowe's for the building project. A lady at the project told my friend "V" about the fishing derby. Logan's really into fishing at the moment. So, I left Leah at Lowe's with my friend and went back home with Logan so he could go fishing at the derby with Leroy and Landon. Leroy asked why I left Leah alone at Lowes? Really, you really thought I would leave our daughter alone at Lowes. I left her with Veronica because she didn't want to go fishing with the boys. Duhhhh!!!!!!! Anyways, the boys managed to catch six big catfish. The limit was three catfish per child. After the boys were done fishing. A mom came up to Leroy and asked if he could help her daughter catch two more fish. She was able to get one fish but really wanted to get the other two fish. Leroy felt really bad for the girl and they stayed for another hour to help her fish. It turns out she was using the wrong type of bait and that's way she was having a hard time catching any fish. I'm really proud of my hubby because he could of said "no" and left but he did the right thing.

5.  Leah has managed to out grow all of her shoes. Last Sunday, she decided to wear her flip flops to church because she didn't have anything to wear to church. As soon as we pulled up to church, her one flip flop broke. She had to spend the rest of the day at church with no shoes. Ya, that looked really good. Anyways, I went back to Walmart yesterday to pick up a few new pairs of shoes. Holy Cow, the prices for little girls shoes are outrageous. $12 for a cheap pair of walmart shoes. I just picked up another pair of cheap flip flops and I told her that we will try to hit up Playless later in the week. I usually can find some pretty good deals there but talk about disappointing. She's growing so fast at the moment. I don't want to spend a ton of money on shoes when she's out growing everything.

6. Landon is going thru a new phase. My little man is going to be turning 10, let me tell's awful. He cries over every little thing. He keeps bursting into tears. I'm about to pull my hair with him. He cries more than his little sister.

7.  On Tuesday, I found out that the Roger's Bowling Alley has $1 special. Bowling games are only $1, shoe rental is $1, plus snack bar items are only $1. The kids are really excited about going. I love finding cheap activities for the kids.

8.  The kids will be attending VBS is week, at my neighbor's church. His dad is the pastor at the church and the kids have gone for the past two years. The best part is they serve the kids dinner each night. No cooking for me, yippee!!!

9.  I did managed to join up with my running group of Saturday and I walked two miles. It did nothing but make my fingers swell up. I think this baby is planning on staying put.

10.  Hopefully, we will have less crying this week and more fun. It seems like every time we try to go somewhere, at least one of my kids will throw a fit about it. I can't please everyone and life isn't fair. Plus, sitting around the house all day with the kids makes me go batty. So, say a prayer for

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