Thursday, June 14, 2012

Finishing Up Projects

Two big is completed and the other project should be here soon. Logan has been working hard on his quilt for the past couple of months. I never thought, we would finish it in time. I really wanted him to finish his quilt before the new baby comes. Last week, the boys work hard tying the quilt. All I had left to do was the binding but I couldn't make it work. Luckily, my sewing partner came back in town from vacation and was able to help us finish the quilt. She brought over her fancy sewing machine and we sewed a really fancy stitch on the quilt. So, the quilt is done....Yippee! Logan is so proud of it.

The second project is almost done as well. Baby "L" should be here soon. I'm 39 weeks pregnant. I somehow managed to lose two lbs this week. Strange but the nurse told me that it's normal to lose some weight at the end. The doctor checked me and I'm he told me that I was at a 3. He went ahead and stripped my membranes to try to help jump start things. It has never worked before but he decided to be extra rough...ouch...not fun:( Anyways, He told me that I'm now up to a 4cm dilated. So, the baby could come anytime. If I don't have the baby by Wed. We will schedule a date and time for my induction. I always seem to need to have my water broken so we will see if she will come on her own or if she will need to be evicted! Plus, the doctor told me that he doesn't think that I'm having a big baby. He said that I have a lot of room up top and he thinks that she will be a nice average size baby. I will keep you guys updated. I'm getting close to the end!

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Schoen Family said...

I cant wait to meet the newest baby Scheele! Hope all goes well with the delivery.