Monday, June 18, 2012

Special Delivery

It all started on Sunday morning, my sister Amy called around 8:00am to see if I already had the baby. While talking to her on the phone. I felt a small gush of water. I started to feel a strong contraction almost immediately. As soon as I felt the gush of water, I gave Leroy this look. He almost knew immediately, that something was up. I told him that I thought for sure my water was leaking. We decided to take are time and get ready for the hospital. Leroy called his sister Serena to come over and watch the kids so we could head over to the hospital. Leroy took his time, he managed to get in a shower and pack his bag for the trip to the hospital. Well, it had been over two hours and decided we should start to head out the door but we had to stop by both of my neighbors houses to let them know that we were headed to the hospital to have the baby. I contractions were coming on about every 4-5 minutes but they were completely manageable nothing to painful. The van was on empty so we had to stop off and get gas. I really thought we had pently of time. By the time, we made it to the E.R. and started to fill out all of the paper work it was almost 11:00am. The nurse finally came down with the wheelchair and decided to take use directly to the delivery room when I told her that I was dilated to a 4cm on Thursday at my last doctor's appointment.

The nurse wanted to check and make sure that my water did break. Sure enough, the little test paper turned purple which meant my water did break. Yippee, I knew than that they wouldn't be sending me home. The contractions were coming but they really didn't hurt that much at all. As soon as she checked me, she had this look of panic on her face. I thought to myself...oh no...this can't be good. She told me that I was already dilated to 8cm. did that happened. I seriously had no hard labor. I told her not to finish breaking my water or she might end up having to deliver my baby. It wasn't too much longer that the rest of my bag of water did break on hits own. The nurse was running around trying to get everything ready for the baby. It all was happening so fast.

My doctor was not on call, but he told me at my last appointment that he would be around and he gave me a card to give the nurse to call him. He would come in and deliver my baby. Well, it turns out he was on his way back from Tulsa from his son's baseball game. No way, he was going to make it. I had to use the on-call Dr which was okay...she didn't show her face until the very last second to catch the

The nurse told me that the cut off to receive any type of drug relief is before 8cm and if I wanted some I had to make a decision right there. I decided that so far it had been so easy that I would just go without it. I just told myself that I just need to trust my body and I could do it.

So, from check in time at 11:00am to 12:00pm...I labored in bed. I started to feel a lot of pressure. The nurse checked me and she couldn't feel my cervix. I was complete at a 10 cm and I could start pushing whenever I wanted to. I had two more contractions and decided to just suck it up and start pushing. It really wasn't too bad. The nurse kept telling that she could see the baby's head and she had hair. I didn't believe her at all. I kept telling her between pushes that she was lying to me. She kept going on about how the baby had long hair. I still didn't believe her. All of my kids were bald...Leah didn't get any hair until she was a year old. Well, after I pushed out the head. Leroy was like she does have hair. So, here came the super hard part...pushing out the shoulders....ouch. I was screaming like crazy at this point. I felt like I was going to rip apart but she finally came out after 20 minutes of pushing. She was born at 12:19pm!!!!! I didn't even have to push the placenta, it just came out on it's on after a few minutes. I didn't tear or have any complications.

She enough, the baby was born with long dark brown hair. It was so crazy. I thought she look a lot like her big sister Leah. So, the crazy drugs, no hard labor, and the nurse kept saying how I had the prefect delivery. It wasn't long that I was up and walking around with no swelling or pain. It all happened so fast. Anyways, we're finally home. I left a day early. I couldn't rest with all the nurses coming and going. It's so good to be home with my kids. I still can't believe it but she's here and we couldn't be happier.

Just checked in at the Hospital!

Just born...look at her hair...crazy amounts!

Up close and Personal

The happy little family!

7lbs 6oz and 20 inches long

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Schoen Family said...

That is one for the record books! I'm so jealous that you had such an easy delivery and pregnancy. Congrats on the new addition to your not so little anymore family!