Sunday, May 11, 2014

Happy Mother's Day

Weight Loss Jounery
The best gift I can give my kids is to take care of myself. So, I can be able to take care of them in return. In less, than a week. I dropped 5 pounds...that's right! FIVE POUNDS. Nope, I'm not starving myself either. I just cut out all sugar and carbs. Look at the difference...

I have lost 37 pounds!

Do you see, what I see? Yup, my wedding ring finally fits. It's a little bit snug but at this rate. It will hopefully be too loose by the end of the month.
Everything that I do is for my kids. Trying to keep up with the kids is hard enough. We went to Silver Dollar City yesterday, I must of walked over 3 miles. Thanks, for my FitBit. Loosing weight couldn't be easier.
I only have about 7 more pounds to go before reaching my last weight loss goal. I'm almost there.

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