Tuesday, April 22, 2014

update weight loss pictures

I did it.
I have lost 34 pounds!
The pictures on the bottom are from 20 days ago.
The difference is amazing.
I'm now, down to 142 pounds.
I need to lose two more pounds to be considered a healthy BMI.
I'm hoping to lose ten more pounds. I want to get to my pre-pregnancy weight from Leilani which was 132lbs.
Plus, all of you...who told me not to worry about losing the weight. I'm glad I didn't listen to all that negative talk. Talking care of myself, means I can take better care of my family.
I'm hoping to lose ten more pounds before my birthday which is May 30th.
Five years ago, I lost a ton of weight and it was right before my birthday. I remember how shocked my family was when they saw me. I'm hoping to do it again.

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chococatania said...

Way to go, girllllll!!! you are an inspiration.