Saturday, October 24, 2009

Extreme Hiking-Hawaii Style

Makapu'u Point Light

After our third day on Oahu, we decided to go for a nice hike to Makapu'u Point Light house. We decided it would be fun to watch the sunrise on top of the hill looking down over the light house. This was not an easy hike. The hiking book gave this trail an easy rating but it turned out that I read the section on this trail incorrect. The first half of the trail is straight up a hill/cliff but on the way back it's a paved road. If you take the paved road up and back it's a super easy hike. I read it incorrectly and we basically made our own trail to the top.
Here's a picture of me, about half way up the hike to the top. The view is AMAZING! One wrong step, I could of ended up dead. It was super scary. Straight down sheer cliffs into the ocean. I don't recommend doing this hike unless you really like adventure.

We barely made it to the top to watch the sunrise. The view was amazing!!!!!! We could see both sides of the island.

On top of the hill were several old bunkers which were used as lookouts from the WWII time period.

I decided to take off and explore the remains of several bunkers. Very interesting.
Oh, one more thing, it's super windy at the top.

Also, do you see that crater in the background. It's called "Koko" crater. We ended up hiking up to the top of that crater after finishing this hike. Leroy thought for sure I was trying to kill him. I'm in shape and I kicked his butt on both hikes.

If you want more information on the lighthouse, click here!

On the way back, we came across all of these cameras and crews. Can you guess what tv sitcom is filming. We didn't see any actors but just the crew setting up the stage. Any thoughts???


Nielsen Family said...

Was is "Lost"?

Valerie said...

I love lighthouses. I once hiked down to one in California and nearly passed out on the way back up. :) I don't have any clue what the show would be, but I'm curious.

lara said...

We ended up seeing "LOST" setting up the area to film a scene. We didn't see any actors but it was still fun!