Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Ten on Tuesday

1. After training for twelve long weeks: I was able to finally reach my goal of running in a half marathon. It wasn't easy but was well worth it.
2. I was so busy knitting in the van, I almost missed the start of the race. Opps!
3. For whatever reason I wasn't nervous about the race at all which isn't like me at all.
4. I ended up with horrible leg pain in my left leg. I ended up having to walk a mile which ended up killing my time.
5. I was very surprised at the end of the race that I hadn't done so bad after all. I came in 2:20:57. I placed 10th for my age group.
6. I'm now planning on running the Little Rock Marathon in March 2010. I also signed up Landon to run the little Rockers Marathon. He will run all 25.5 miles at home over several weeks and He will run his last mile at the marathon.
7. We are almost done with planning our trip to Hawaii. I have worked hard these past couple of months with losing weight and getting back in shape. It's going to be a great reward.
8. While running my half marathon, Leroy drove all the way down to Fayatteville to buy me a carpet cleaner. He spent the rest of the day cleaning the couches and cleaning the carpets.
9. Landon and Logan are both in gymnastics.
10. Leah is determined to be the "mean girl". Every time we go out in public she has to rule the roost. I'm a little bit afraid how she's going to be when she's older. At this point, she's driving me crazy.


banananutmeg said...

yay for clean carpets and furniture! What a nice reward for all of your hard work. You're an inspiration, lara!

Jenny said...

So happy for you about your vacation! My husband and I took our first real vacation without the kids this year. Would love to go to Hawaii. I ran in the LR Half last year, will probably do it again next year! (But your time was better than mine! Good job!)