Friday, December 3, 2010

4 years ago

Leah was finally evicted...after weeks of false labor. I finally gave up trying to go into labor on my own. It only took the doctor breaking my water for Leah to make her grand entrance. I think I was in labor for a total of four hours. Let me just preface...I wasn't overdue. My boys only weighed about 7 lbs each. I have know idea where she came from...the german side of my husband's family. Is the only thing I can think of...because it's four years later and she's still a big girl!
9 lbs 4 oz
4 years old
38 pounds

On a side note...I just finished making Leah's birthday cake. The look on her face explains it all.

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chococatania said...

yes - she is so cute and happy! congratulations. Times like those make all the tough mothering work worth it.