Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy New Years

Wishing everyone a safe and happy New Years Eve!!!!
On a short note...we decided to celebrate early.
We did several things to kick off the celebration...a combination of chores and goals!
1. Decided it would be fun to run ten miles into the new year. I really wish now we would of done 11 miles for 2011 but we didn't think about it at the time.
2. We took down all of the Christmas Decorations and carried the tree down the ravine which is a tradition. The boys had fun carrying it with dad plus they checked out the cove that's down there by the lake.
3. Logan had to get his reading assignment. In less than, a week he went from not being able to read a single word to reading very simple sentences.
4. I decluttered my wardrobe and decided to get rid of a lot of old clothes.
5. Leroy and the boys had some bonding time shooting his pellet gun.
6. I didn't spend any money this week but leroy had a couple of slip ups.
7. All the kids ate their dinner and we meet another goal leading up to New Years. We sat down as a family and ate together.
8. We also read scriptures at the dinner table as a family for the whole week as well.
9. So, we meet several goals.
10. Time to celebrate. Leroy took the kids to the border and bought fireworks to celebrate reaching our accomplishments.
11. So, we celebrated early...I can't wait to meet our new goals for the year.
12. Also, I'm working hard on my new weight loss plan. I'm hoping to drop five pounds by the end of Jan.

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banananutmeg said...

Good job decluttering your closet. Get rid of everything that is too big, you're never going to need those clothes again!

and Way to go, Logan!