Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Logan's Reading Tree

I never thought this day would come...Landon was reading before he started Kindergarten so I was hoping for the same thing for Logan but that didn't happened. His teacher told me not to worry but I wouldn't lie it concerned. Since Logan started school in the fall...I would pull out my Phonics Pathways book which is the same book that I used wtih Landon. He flat out refused to do it. So, on Monday...I decided to give it another try. Sure enough...he was sounds out simple short vowel words.

I love how this book is set up. The directions are very clear and simple to follow. The student learns how to read by using strictly phonics not sight words. Logan's class has been working on sight words which are great but it's not really reading it's just memorizing words. It really gives a child a false sense of reading. As soon as a child comes across a word that he doesn't know it freaks them out. I think both methods have their merits but I love this program.

To keep Logan's attention and help him see his progress. I came up with this great idea. We made a tree on his bedroom door. For every words, he can sound out and read he gets a leaf to put on his door. He only has about ten minute attention span. This is really helping. Logan is reading one page in the morning and one page right before bed. After reading each word, he writes down the word on a leaf...but I decided to change this up. I have him write up to six words and I do the rest. It was a little bit to much of reading and writing in one session.

I'm so proud of him. Reading is hard work but Logan's reading confidence is getting better each day. It wouldn't be long and he will be reading by himself.

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