Sunday, October 16, 2011

Ten on Sunday

1. It's truly amazing how different each of my children are from each other. Poor Logan is stuck in the middle of Landon and Leah. I have been working hard on trying to help Logan to become his own person and help him find his own special skills and talents. Last week, I noticed he was working really hard all by himself writing in his notebook. He was really really short sentences about random things. Anyways, he started off this week writing and illustrating books. I didn't get a chance to take a picture of his first book but it was called "Snowman" and it was about a snowman that melts! We stapled the book and he gave it to his teacher as a gift. It wasn't the next day and Logan started another another book. His next story is called "The Three Seeds" and it's 16 pages long. Landon told me that it's a circle story. It's a story that goes around and around but it's a little bit different each time. I was really surprised that the book is about three seeds and only one of the seeds survives and grows into a flower. Leroy wants me to take his book down to Kinko's and get it bound for him. So, who knows maybe Logan will grow up to become an author?
2. My neighbor invited us over for a Halloween Party at their house which required all of the quest to come dressed up. (I really wanted to throw my own Halloween party but sadly the Sun-room is still not finished. The workers took a week off and hopefully, they will be back at it soon. I'm so ready for it to be done!) My neighbor spent three weeks planning the party. She had her whole house decorated and had a ton of really cute ideas which I might have to go ahead and steal from her...hee hee! Leah decided to go to the party dressed as a Princess Ballerina and the boys wore their old Harry Potter costumes.
3. Soccer season is coming to an end, very shortly. Logan played soccer once before when he was about four years old but he never really played. He would just lay on the field and watch the clouds. He begged me to sign him up for the Fall but after the first game he told me he didn't want to play soccer anymore. Too bad, I already paid the money and I told him he had to finish up the season. It's been a rough season for Logan. He was complaining about how he hasn't made a single goal all season long. It doesn't help that he has to sit through all of the Leah's games and watch her make one goal after another. Well, I told him he has to get aggressive and just go after the ball. His coach and I have noticed that he always backs off from the ball during the games but his strong during the practices. Logan decided to step it up and he went after the ball. He didn't give up and he managed to score a goal not just one goal but two! After his game, Logan couldn't wait to see his daddy to tell him the news. Oh, I almost forgot, when Logan made his first goal his coach was so excited for him. He went over to Logan to give him a high five. So, what did Logan do? He took off running and his coach was chasing after him trying to give him a high five. His coach was so proud of him as well!
4. I'm going to make these Ritz Spider treats for the kids to share with their soccer friends. I'm going to be busy this week trying to get geared up for Halloween.5. I love my new running group that my friend Sennet set up. We didn't have too many people show for yesterday's morning run but I still managed to have a good time. It was just me and one other girl that I didn't really know at all but we decided to go ahead and run together. It turns out she grew up overseas in West Africa which I thought was really cool because my parents are serving a mission in South Africa; not exactly the same but close enough.

6. We managed to run six miles in under 59 minutes. It's really nice to run with someone because you can push each other. I thought for sure, I was going to pass out at the end. I haven't had that good of a run in a couple of weeks.

7. The new running group is always having new challenges which are the prefect thing for me. I'm really not that good at setting goals for myself. The first challenge was to complete 1000 jump ropes which I did but it took me about 45 minutes. By the time, I was done it felt like I just finished running six miles. I had no idea how intense jumping rope can be...holy cow! It's hard!!!!!!!!!!!!1

8. The other challenge was to complete 250 sit ups! I completed this challenge in less than 12 minutes. I did a combination of sit ups with and without using a five pound weight. It's been three days and I'm still super sore! I need to do more sit ups!

9. Leroy's driving my new car, I'm not surprised this happened. He know claims he drives more than I do with the kids. So, I'm back to the van! Oh well, I should of know better. He claims, he will give it back to me to drive once it's completely fixed and repaired but I'm holding my breath on that one!

10. Landon attended his first Student Council meeting. The Student Council is organizing a special Veteran's Day assembly down at the Memorial at Lake Bella Vista. The student council members have to make cards to pass out to all of the veterans that will be attending the special program with the students from Cooper Elementary. Landon's really excited about being on Student Council and hopefully, it will be a positive experience for Landon serving in the community. I never served on a student council so this is all new to me and I'm so proud of my son for being elected by his class mates to represent his class!

11. I'm not sure what's going on this week, I still need to sit down and figure it out. Every week has been jammed back, I can't wait for November to get here. No more sports, but Leroy wants me to sign up the boys for martial arts again. I'm not sure if I really want to commit myself to that again but we will see!

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