Sunday, October 9, 2011

Ten on Sunday

1. I did get a chance last Sunday to write up my list of weekly events. We always try to take the kids to church to watch Sunday morning's general conference which meant a lot less free time before heading to the chapel. Attending church really helps to invite the spirit and we all agree we get more out of conference.

Flashback memory: I remember my first time living on my own in Hawaii and living in my first off campus housing. I remember waking up General Conference morning and being surprised to find my roommates in their pajamas watching conference. I was completely shocked. I always thought people in Utah watched conference at home in their church clothes. I always thought it was disrespectful to be lounging around in your bed clothes. I don't judge anyone that does this but I thought it was the strangest thing ever. So, we keep up the tradition of attending only one session at church because that's all that I can handle with three kids.

2. Logan is making some huge progress at school. I found this sheet of paper pinned to his wall next to his bed. I'm going to try to read his journal entry to you and it will bring a smile on your face. Plus, I caught him this morning writing sentences on a piece of paper this morning. Just a couple of weeks ago he could barely read sight words and writing sentences he couldn't do it.

"Hermit Crab"
By Logan S.

I like cats and dogs. I wot a hermit crab so badle I im saving up my mane and my bruther mone and I ife I do no get the hermit crad at ul I will not be happe nevr evre ugun ur I will mabe will be happe cinuv happe and I will.

Okay, translation:

I like cats and dogs. I want a hermit crab so badly. I'm saving up my money and my brother's money and if I don't get the hermit crab. I will not be happy never again. I will be happy if I get my hermit crab.

3. Right Choice Corn Maze, do I really need to say anything about this place. It's awesome and it's super cheap. Go with a group and get the group rate of $4 per person and you get to do everything at the corn maze. The best part of the event: spending time with my baptist friends plus with my daughter! I'm really enjoying this time with her. She will be going to big kid's school next year and this time is so precious even though she's driving me crazy most days. Also, the new attraction at the corn maze is this huge jumping's like a trampoline but only cooler! The best part of the whole day!
4. Soccer season is in full swing which is a good thing because I'm getting tired of spending all of my Saturday's at the soccer/ball field. Leah's coach came up to me yesterday and told me that Leah's the best player on her team. At first, I thought the coach was just saying that to be nice. I didn't believe her at all. Leah's the youngest player on her team plus it's her first year playing soccer. Leah's coach told me that she's has some awesome skills. She's always going for the play, she's a strong kicker, and she has amazing control of the ball. I'm so proud of my little girl. I always knew my daughter was special! She's going to do amazing things with her life! Go, LEAH!!!!!!5. Landon was invited to attend a birthday party for a little girl in his class at the local roller rink. It's not as big as Roxy Wheels but still a ton of fun. I decided to bring the other two kids. I know they weren't invited but I figured I would just pay from them to go roller skating party. Well, not to many kids came to the party and the mom let Leah and Logan join in the party. It turns out, the birthday girl's younger sister is in Logan's class at school. Annabelle's mother and I were laughing about it. How often does it happen that siblings are all in the same classes. A couple of years ago, they use to have free roller skating on Monday nights but they did away with it and we hadn't been back since. The kids were so excited to be skating again. Landon tried inline skates for the first time and he loved it. He hardly felled down at all. Logan stuck with traditional skates and he was landing on his butt more times than I can count on one hand. By the end of the night, he wasn't falling down as often. I tried traditional skates with Leah but she just couldn't figure it out. She we went with the preschooler skates and she loved it.
Leah skating around by herself, no she wouldn't let me help her.
She's Ms. Independent!

Limbo time, check out Logan's bright orange skates! Plus, do you see Leah in the line trying to do the Limbo!

Air Hockey, I love this game!

6. House remodel is coming along nicely. Check out the photos!

7. I'm training for another half marathon. It's a couple of weeks away, but I'm already worrying about it that reminds me I still need to sign up for it. Of course, my arches are killing me again. Why can't I run long distances without any pain. It's more of a nuisances than anything else. This happens every single time. I might head down to Rush Running and see about different type of inserts.

8. Leroy just set up his man cave downstairs. He bought a stupid flat screen tv. The kids enjoyed watching Lion King 3D last night in the man cave. I'm really not pleased about this purchased but I'm going to try to keep my mouth shut about it.

9. I'm working hard on digital scrap booking. It's really addicting but it's soooooo much faster than regular scrap booking. I'm trying to work on a calendar, all about me journals for the kids for xmas, and a couple of scrapbooks from Halloween past events.

10. I'm still working on Halloween Costumes for the boys. I still have no plan in place, we might end up purchasing costumes for them. It's not as fun, as dressing up Leah!

Well, I can't think of anything else going on but this is just a short overview of our past week as a family!


Emily Larkin said...

Love the new header picture. Leah looks so much older then 4 in that picture. The house looks fantastic! I am super jealous. I thought it was super funny/a little scary when I went to rush running to get my shoes and the guy asked me like 20 times what my injuries/aches were. I'm thinking I thought I was gonna start running not wrestling what kinda sport is this. Tell me you are gonna make sure that kid gets a hermit crab for christmas. Don't hate the flat screen, love the flat screen. It didn't do anything to you...Leroy did...hate him. ;) I say be a good hostess and welcome the flat screen into your house with loving arms. If nothing else think of all the exercise videos you can now watch in HD. It will be like you are in the classes. Seriously you need to go out and rent your most favorite movie and watch it on the big screen, that will help. Or have a girls night.

Schoen Family said...

I really enjoyed reading your Ten on Sunday today. These are the moments when I wish I was around you guys more. Can't wait to move closer to you guys in a couple of years!

chococatania said...

sounds like a good week. sorry about your arches. I always have foot pain when I run. For me, I've found that wearing shoes my size helps. I also wear asics. Every other brand (especially saucony and mizuno) have KILLED my feet. I know that everyone has different feet, but thought I'd tell you what works for me.

hope things start going better!