Sunday, September 25, 2011

Ten on Sunday

1. I caught Logan reading his scriptures all by himself during sacrament meeting. I couldn't be more prouder of my little guy. His reading skills are really improving, the past of couple of weeks we have seen big changes. Tonight, after dinner Logan even asked if he could read more verses. Talk about shock, my son use to hate to even try to read one little verse is asking for more which makes my heart want to melt.

2. Logan also did a really good job during the Primary program. Last year, he refused to say anything but this year he did it. He needed help from his teacher reading his
part but he did it! His teacher came up to me after the program and she told me how proud she was of him. His teacher promised him if he got up to the stand and read his part he would receive an extra treat. So, Logan managed to walk away with three extra treats.

3. All three kids took part of the primary program; I was sitting way in the back and I could barely see any of my kids. Poor Leah kept trying to move to the side to get a peck of me from the stand. She did an awesome job, I couldn't hear her very well when she was up at the stand reading her part but she did it and that's all that matters. She did a really good job singing as well.

4. Landon yesterday at his baseball game suffered an injury but he managed to stuck it up and kept right on playing. I'm so proud of him. He was up at the base getting ready to hit a baseball when it some how managed to hit him in the arm. He teared up but he kept right on playing. He even managed to make a run and score a point for his team.

5. Leah and Logan had soccer games as well. I managed to spend three hours at the soccer field and two hours at the baseball field. Talk about long hours supporting my children's interests in sports. Leah's really good at soccer but she tires out easily. She managed to kick the ball into the goal and score a point for her team. She almost had another point but the ball stop right in front on the goal. She didn't realize the ball wasn't all the way in to count for a point. She just stood their waiting for everyone to cheer and was confused it didn't count. The other team managed to steal the ball back and they scored a point. Logan still thinks soccer is boring but he did join in every time and played really hard. He almost scored a goal a couple of times but at least his trying.

6. I managed to finish up a lot of little projects around the house. I finally got around mailing off a ton of thank you and birthday cards. I'm almost done sewing a pinafore apron but I messed up the shoulder strap and I need to fix it. I'm working on knitting up another scarf. I have lots of time on my hands watching all of those games.

7. Leroy pick me up a car to drive. The van is costing me way too much money in fuel. I'm driving the kids around to three different games and practices. Plus, it's just me and Leah during the day. I don't need a van when it's just the two of us. It's a VW Jetta TDI diesel but it's also a standard. It's very different than during a Honda which is what I'm use to driving. I finally got behind the wheel on the way to church. I have it worked out but it's going to take some time getting us to plus I can't wait to start saving some serious money on fuel.

8. I'm currently working on building up some miles in my running. I managed to log in 17 miles this week alone. I'm really hoping to run in a half marathon sometime this Fall. This week, the kids will not be at school Mon or Tue this will be throwing off my week. I might not be able to get in that many miles but we will see how things go.

9. The sunroom/porch is coming along nicely. They will be putting in the windows in this week.

10. General Conference is coming up this weekend, I can't believe it's already time for conference. Where has all the time gone!

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