Sunday, September 18, 2011

Ten on Sunday

1. This weekend turned out to be nice and relaxing. A series of thunderstorms rolled into our area which was a nice surprise. I need to pay more attention to the weather forecast. All three kids games were canceled due to the "wet" conditions. So, this weekend turned out to be great for me! The kids didn't seem to mind, either! All the running around; has left everyone exhausted.

2. Friday night, my friend "V' offered to take the kids to Fayetteville to the mall for a special Razorback Fest. The only one that wanted to go to the event was Landon. Let's just say that Logan was super jealous that he didn't go with them. Landon came back with a ton of free razorback products plus pizza and candy. He managed to drink two cans of Coke which he realized he might get in trouble for drinking some much Coke in one night. So, he decided to have a Diet Coke, instead! Yikes, he was so hyper that I didn't think we would ever get him to go to bed. Landon also was able to get everyone from soccer, gymnastics, baseball, and basketball autographed all of his posters. Next year, we will all go together.

3. Our freezer stop working again, this happened over the summer. I thought maybe it was related to the hot weather but it did it again. I had to cram all of the food from the deep freeze to the fridge/freezer in the kitchen. I could barely get the door on the freezer to stay closed. Luckily, a friend of ours called me the next day and offered us their deep freezer because they will be moving overseas and they wouldn't be able to take it with them. Well, managed to get the freezer to our house and Leroy informed me that our freezer was working again. So, I'm going to craigslist it and hopefully someone will take it. I will not trust it again.

4. Let me back track a little bit, Leah and I went shopping at Aldi's. We picked up a big tub of ice cream and we hurried to get it inside the freezer in the garage. As soon as I opened the freezer, I knew something wasn't right. The food in the freezer was about half thawed out. All of my fruit that I picked over the summer was somewhat thawed out. I thought that my only option would be to throw all of the fruit out but it seemed wasteful. I decided not to put it back into the indoor freezer due to lack of space plus all of the fruit would just clump together into a big mess. So, I did the only thing I could think of which would be to canned the fruit. So, I manged to make close to 11 pints and 12 half pints of strawberry blueberry jam. We know have about 100 jars of jam and jelly but that's okay! Hopefully, we wouldn't have to can any more jelly for a couple of!

5. Monday night, all three kids had something going on sports wise and at three different locations. I wasn't sure how I could possibly get everyone where they needed to be but it all worked out at the end. I was really surprised to learned the next day that my best friend tried to call me because she saw my post on facebook about the transportation challenges and she wanted to offer to drive some of the kids for me. Talk about friendship, she's awesome. Luckily, Leroy was able to meet me at the ball field and it all worked out. It's so nice, to have people that are willing to help you out just for the sake of being friends.

6. The house remodel is coming along nicely. The deck's roof is on and Leroy will be doing the electric wiring of the deck and sun room. We had a guy come out and give us an estimate. Let's just say it was crazy expensive...the guy wanted $900 and we already priced out all of the materials. It's only like $150 for the materials. It's just wiring a ceiling fan and three outlets. Luckily, Leroy's uncle is going to help me with the job and we will save some money. How hard can it really be?

7. We're also planning on replacing the carpets in the house. We found two super nice remnant pieces for the kids rooms but nothing for our bedroom. It's way too big of a room and they don't carry remnants in the size we need. Too bad, it's going to cost a lot more money then we wanted to spend but we will have to keep our eyes out for some good deals. I don't want to go the cheap route. I want some high quality carpet that will last a long time. Plus, we found a remnant piece for the sun room. It's a high quality commercial outdoor carpet. It's a little bit more then what we budgeted for but it's way to nice of a deal to pass up.

8. I finally decided to learn how to make tutu's. It's amazing all of the things you can learn from You tube. I already made two tutus. One for my niece and one for my daughter. I'm going to make Savannah my niece a little ghost outfit with a matching black and white tutu. Leah's tutu is multi colored tutu and I'm going to make her a nice watch outfit. Seriously, the no sew tutu's are super easy to make. I'm talking less than 30 minutes you can have a completely finished project. Pictures will be the future.

9. Logan sold a grand total of 18 coupon books. I'm so proud of him, he would get on his bike after school and go door to door selling the books.

10. I still didn't make the grape juice. I ended up getting distracted with the fruit jam maybe if they still have grapes I might make some homemade grape juices but I'm worried it might be too late. If it's too late, I might go ahead and buy a bushel of peaches. Freeze some peach slices. I really like using frozen fruit in my fruit smoothies.

11. The rest of the week, I will be driving the kids around and working on cleaning up the house. I'm just trying to finish up all of my unfinished projects and working on finishing up some books that I checked out from the library. 

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Meg said...

have you read saving cee cee honeycutt? Come to book club at my house this month!

I missed doing grapes, too. Last week was too busy.

You should have Logan sell jam, next! hahaha! He'd make a killing!