Tuesday, September 13, 2011

A is for Apple

Once again, will not allow me to move the pictures around. So, they are completely messed up and not in order. I don't have the time to try to fix it so bear with me.

Leah's growing up way too fast, plus she's bored at home without her BFF Kailyn. The girls used to play all day long together but that all changed a couple of weeks ago when her BFF started fulltime preschool. Leah's having a hard time adjusting. She's not use to having to play by herself which isn't a good thing for me because I can't seem to get anything done around the house when she's home from school.

Leah asked if we could play school this morning which I decided to just give up any hope of getting the house clean and set up preschool at home for her. When the boys were home, I used to always have school time with the boys with lots of crafts and science projects. I think part of the problem is I kinda got bored with it but I'm really ready now to do it again with Leah. This should help her with her boredom and help us create some wonderful memories.

So, we started off with the letter "A"! I pulled out my Melissa & Doug Alphabet puzzle and we worked our way thru it. Leah knows a lot of her letters but not all of them. The next thing we did was read a book called "More Pies" by Robert Munsch which is one of my boys favorite children's author. If you haven't listen to his audio tapes your missing out. The stories are so good and funny. The boys still enjoy listening to them. After reading the book we made an apple pie.

While the pie was baking in the oven. We read another book about the letter "A" where the little boy goes around filling his box of things that start with the letter "A". So, we found our own box and we went around the house filling our box with goodies that started with the letter "A". Leah loved it!

We still had time before the pie would be done, so Leah work on a handwriting sheet. She did a really good job plus she recognized the letter "A" is in her name.

On Thursday, we will work on counting using apples and animal crackers!

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