Monday, March 5, 2012

Monday Craziness

I literally spent hours on the computer this morning trying to find a hotel for our big spring break trip to Gulf Shores. Unfortunately, Leroy doesn't have enough days left over that he can use towards our trip. His manager was nice enough to give him an extra day but it's still not enough time off. The poor guy is going to ask his manager if he can take a half a day so we can leave around 1:00pm and drive for seven hours to get to Mississippi by 8:00pm. We really don't want to be driving late at night thru Louisiana. If you haven't been thru that route, all that I will say it's super rural and very backwoods (if you know what I mean) not at all the place to stop and rest. I wanted to stay in Vicksburg but I couldn't find a decent hotel anywhere. Leroy's co-worker suggested we try a little bit further out and try Clinton. Well, I finally found a decent deal for Holiday Inn Express on Priceline. I thought great, indoor pool and free breakfast plus it's a newer hotel. So, I went ahead and booked a room for one night. Well, it turns out that I didn't check the fine print. Also, double check with Priceline. I didn't realize it at the moment but the reservation was for only two adults. We're are family of five. Huge problem. I double checked the hotel website not priceline. They only allow four people to a room. I started to freak out. Priceline doesn't give back money. So, I decided to do something about it. I could freak out and panic or I could take a deep breath and called Priceline. The guy that I talked to was really nice. The guy called the Holiday Inn and added the kids to the reservation. He also told me that there would be no extra charge. Yippee, I got over my phone fear and dealt with the situation. I'm really proud of myself. So, one more thing I can cross off my list of things to do for the trip.

The second thing that happened was tonight at Leah's first soccer game for the Spring season. Landon's old coach from baseball from Spring season. Oh boy, he made me feel so guilty for not signing up Landon for baseball again. He told me that Landon was a solid player with a really good strong arm. He told me that he was looking for his name and he didn't see it. He asked me if Landon was on the waiting list to join baseball. Of course, I told him that Landon decided he didn't want to play baseball again but he's trying soccer this season. I told him that he didn't have a good experience playing Fall baseball and he didn't like all the sitting around in the dug out or standing around in the outfield. Well, his son was on the same Fall team as Landon and he told me that the coach was favoring all the kids on the team that were on the traveling team. He said he hope that next year, that Landon will want to play baseball again. He really felt that Landon had a good future in baseball. Oh boy, I personally wanted him to give it another try but of course told me not to push the issue on him. Anyways, it was really nice of his old coach to approach me but at the same time it I felt slightly guilty about the whole thing. Arghh, conflicting feelings but Landon is happy playing soccer but if he does change his mind maybe he will play baseball again sometime in the future.

The third thing, my tailbone is killing me. It felt perfectly fine over the weekend. I even went jogging and rollers taking on Saturday and felt fine. Today, I get out of bed and I'm in a lot of pain. My friend at church told me that she had the same tailbone pain from delivering her big baby. She went on about how much more pain she was in during each delivery of her other kids. Great, I didn't think about it but of course my labor and delivery will probably be super painful because of the ligaments being all stretched out. Oh, it's so fustaring.

The fourth and final thing, I forgot that tomorrow I have a dentist appointment. I haven't been in over a year plus it's so painful to have your teeth cleaned when your pregnant. I'm not looking forward to the visit plus I have to go to Landon's parent teacher conference at 3:00pm and pick him up from Brunco Run Club at 3:15pm. Granted I will be at the school but still it's going to be stressful if his teacher is running behind schedule. Another fun full day of craziness.


Kerri said...

I agree about the dentist thing. I could barely brush my teeth when I was pregnant. Good luck! ;)

Cheoy Lee said...

Good luck with the holiday. It's really frustrating when you're working full time and you have to fight for every second you take off. At least it makes time seem more precious, but it's still a pain!